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7+ Book Illustrations

A book illustration is used to give more visual life to the book that a person is reading. A book illustration is always characterized by the story that is happening in the book or special items and symbols that are used in a specific part of the story written in the book. There are people who like to see images in a book so that they do not get bored in reading which is one of the benefits that a book illustration can provide.

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We can give you samples of book illustration templates should you want to see samples on how illustrations are being used and applied in books. Other than that, we can also give you samples of various templates of Digital Illustrations which you may also download if you are interested to know more about them and see more samples of how they look like.

Book cover illustration

Book Fashion Illustration


Children’s Book Illustration


Comic Book Illustration


Girl Reading Book Illustration


Book Illustrations in Children’s Books

Book illustrations are usually found in children’s books because of the following reasons:

  • The attention span of children is shorter compared to adults so they tend to get easily bored when reading different types of books. If there are illustrations in the book, they can be more interested in continuing the reading activity that they have started.
  • Book illustrations provide a visual information about the details of the book. This helps children to visualize the story more, and it also allows them to be more imaginative because they can actually see the reference in which the written story is about.
  • Book illustrations can capture the attentiveness of children especially if the book illustration is related to the interests of the child and if he or she enjoys seeing photographs where a story is written about.
  • Book illustrations supplements the written words which in turn produce more retention to the mind of the children. This is very effective and can be used in different learning books as the lessons can be memorized more by children if there are visuals that they can give reference on.

Other than our book illustration templates, our samples of Black & White Illustrations are also available for download.

Story Book Illustration


Cartoon Book Illustration


Christmas Book Illustration


Book Fashion Illustration

A book fashion illustration can be any of the following:

  • It can be a visual representation of the steps that are needed to be done in creating clothes, accessories, and other fashion items. It will be easier for people to see how a procedure is being done if there are visuals that can let them see the processes that happen in a particular step.
  • It can be illustrations of models, fashion icons, and other people in the fashion industry. There are books that talk about the achievement of people in the fashion industry, so it is very important for readers to see face references so that the person the book talks about will be more familiar and known.
  • It can be book illustrations that are themed with the fashion statements that occurred in particular eras. It can show how people dress in  a specific time period and how these dresses affect the thinking of others about their social status and other standards that pertain to clothing and other fashion statements.

Aside from the book illustration templates on this page, you may also be interested to browse through our downloadable samples of Vector Illustrations.

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