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Birthdays are important milestones in people’s lives. We should somehow make extra efforts to also make birthdays extra special. As it only happens once every year, we need to highlight special days by celebrating it. It doesn’t have to be in big preparations; it just ideally is about gratitude for another year.

Giving gifts to birthday celebrants are our ways of expressing happiness for them on their birthdays. It comes with short wishes when we give them to celebrants. Short wish notes are written on gift tags. Our Gift Tag Templates could help you create your own style of gift tags.

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Free Gift Tag Template

free gift tag template

Happy Birthday Gift Tag

happy birthday gift tag Download

Free Printable Birthday Gift Tag

free printable birthday gift tag Download

Mickey Mouse Birthday Gift Tag

mickey mouse birthday gift tag


Personalized Birthday Gift Tag

personalized birthday gift tag Download

Picking Gift Tags

All that ranges from toddlers to adults celebrate their birthdays. Aside from choosing the right gift for their age, you must also consider an appropriate gift tag that matches right with their age. An adult may not be pleased with a gift tag suitable for a five-year-old, and it could not happen the other way around as well.

When choosing your gift tags, here are a few tips to help you get started on picking the right gift tags:

  • Identify designs for different age brackets. Designs for gift tags vary commonly on how old the person will be. Though it may not be so much of a big deal, but it would be courteous enough if you do this.
  • Choose appropriate colors. Think about how attractive or annoying your gift tags will be if you bring the appropriate colors or bring inappropriate ones. Think about the person’s reaction when you will be handing your gift over with outrageous or dull colors.
  • Make sure your gift tag compliments the gift. It is all about matching. If it turns out to be pleasing to you, then it is most probably pleasing to the person who will receive your gift.

Gift tags do not really matter that much; however, it adds beauty to your gift in so many ways. You can also make use of Free Printable Gift Tags.

Monster Birthday Gift Tag

monster birthday gift tag Download

Funny Birthday Gift Tag

funny birthday gift tag Download

Vintage Birthday Gift Tag

vintage birthday gift tag


Customized Birthday Gift Tag

customized birthday gift tag Download

Gifts for All!

Oftentimes there may be gifts we give in bulk. It would then be really difficult to avail of various kinds of gift tags and would even confuse you more on the gifts you are about to give. Tag Templates could do you a lot of favors since this is one way of choosing gift tags when you give away gifts in bulk. Here is what you do when you make bulk gifts for everyone:

  • Purchase uniform gift tags. To save yourself from confusion, do not buy different gift tags for different people. You bought the same gifts in bulk, so you might as well get the same gift tags for everyone.
  • Get appropriate bulk gifts for the right age. This will always be applicable whether you are giving gifts in bulk or individually.
  • Buy simple yet presentable gift tags. It would not really matter if your gift tags are plain simple or overly presented, but as long as it matches your gift package, then your gift is good to go.

Gift tags are most of the time not really given much recognition but when it correctly serves its purpose, it adds up beauty to the design and presentation of your gifts.

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