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9+ Triple Venn Diagrams

A triple Venn diagram is a diagram that consists three intertwined circles that represents thoughts and the relation of each from one another. This kind of diagram serves as a graphical representation of how one item is particularly similar or linked to the next. Triple Venn diagrams help in creating the link of thoughts be organized.

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Triple Venn diagrams can be used for different purposes like school activities, assessments, and even on personal learning activities. It all depends on the idea that each circle represents and the links that bind them altogether. You can download our Venn diagrams samples on our website.

Venn Diagram for Presentation

Conceptual Triple Venn Diagram

Editable Infographic Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram on Feelings

Triple Venn Diagram on Society

The Use of Triple Venn Diagram

Triple Venn diagrams are mainly used to compare three things. Aside from that, these comparisons may also show how these three things are contrasted from one another. Proper representation and analyzing of data and information is key to assure that a triple Venn diagram is used correctly. It will be easier to see the information that connects three items through the help of this kind of Venn diagram.

If you need a Venn diagram in your school requirements and other activities, you may download our blank Venn diagrams and supply the needed data required to be shown.

Addressing Complexities

A regular Venn diagram only has two circles involved in its structure. Hence, a triple Venn diagram is made to address more complex issues, topics, and themes that come in threes which may not be properly displayed should a regular Venn diagram be used.

A triple Venn diagram is very useful in terms of presenting three main sets of information with the use of graphics. This diagram helps in creating an easier and simpler way of understanding subject matters.

Vintage Triple Venn Diagram

Nerd Venn Diagram

Graphic Design Triple Venn Diagram

Business Triple Venn Diagram

Funny Xmas Jesus Venn Diagram

The Power of Graphic Organizers

Complex ideas may be understood more if they are presented in a way that the information needed to be known are well seen or visualized. Graphic organizers are the diagrams that help people to achieve this kind of understanding. A triple Venn diagram is an example of a graphic organizer. Using a triple Venn diagram is very powerful in terms of creating visual similarities and contrasts between three things. It helps the viewers see the relationship of each item from one another and it sets clarity to how they are different entities. Identifying the relationship of things is truly important in every learning process.

Learn to Classify First before Anything Else

In the use of a triple Venn diagram, a person must be able to know the characteristics of each object or theme that is included in the process of using the specific kind of Venn diagram. These three items must first be listed individually with their characteristics.

Their respective  main bubbles may contain the characteristics that they only have. The bubbles created in between the linkages of two bubbles serves as the area where the same characteristics of two subjects are written. The middle part of the triple Venn diagram is the area where you are to put all the characteristics or description that is common to all the three subjects.

The process will not be possible if in the first place, classification has not been done. It is very important to see how these subjects differ from each other before you can actually point out how they are linked together buy a common trait or characteristic.

You may download our printable triple Venn diagrams and use it for any purposes it may serve you.

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