Dinner Voucher Templates

Make Complimentary Dinner Vouchers and DIY Discount Gift Cards for School, Hotel, Restaurant, Valentines’ Day and Other Kinds of Lunch and Dinner Vouchers. We Recommend that You Make Things Easy and Quick When You Download and Use Our Free Printable and Blank Voucher Templates Here on Right Now!See more

Have you ever wanted to try a luxury candle light dinner with someone special, but your budget is not making you? Well, dinner voucher templates can save you! Dinner vouchers offer a percentage off of your favorite restaurants. You just have to present it to the counter and you're done! You can, finally, experience your dream dinner! Use to get your very own dinner voucher! You can easily find a ready-made dinner voucher templates in Pro! It is guaranteed high-quality and absolutely beautifully designed. It is 100% customizable and easily editable too! So download our dinner voucher template now!

What Is a dinner voucher?

A dinner voucher is a piece of paper that gives a specific discount to a restaurant or cafe. The paper holds a percentage off of a certain meal. Dinner vouchers are also commonly used as complimentary voucher cards or gift cards to treat someone for a dine out or a dinner package.

How to Make a Dinner Voucher?

According to YA's survey, 76% of Americans highly prefer eating on restaurants that they have never tried before as long as they are offering a discount to their current order. That is how in-demand the use of dinner vouchers. You can also DIY dinner vouchers and give them out. Here are the useful steps in making your very own dinner voucher.

1. Research and Plan

Before engaging and giving out dinner vouchers, you have to have a thorough understanding of how vouchers work. Research on the in and outs of producing vouchers. You also have to plan which restaurant, hotel, cafe, or bar you would want to offer a discount coupon to. Decide the special place you would like to give a discount to. Specify the amount of discount that you want to give. The most important feature of the voucher is the discount itself. So make sure to think about it thoroughly. Also, decide the number of vouchers you want to produce. You can't just make limitless vouchers with limitless discount offers, you have to consider the state of the company too.

2. Visualize Your Dinner Voucher

Plan the look of your voucher. Decide what colors suit best to the restaurant. Make sure the colors complement the color branding of the restaurant or cafe for a more harmonious look. Decide the patterns that you would want to use. There are many types of decorations and patterns to choose from, choose the ones that bring comfort to the eyes for a better artistic feature.

3. Start the Layout

To start making your dinner voucher, open a trusted voucher maker. You can open and use Adobe Illustrator, MS Word, Apple Pages, Photoshop, and Publisher to start the voucher. Select a favorable size. The different sizes include 210 ? 99 mm (8.3 ? 3.4 in), 215 ? 101 mm (8.5 ? 4 in), and 88.9 x 50.8 mm (3.5 x 2 in). 

4. Design the Voucher

It's time to put your vision to the right place. Start designing the voucher. Apply the planned color splashes and various patterns that complement the restaurant. Make sure to arrange the designs nicely. Next, are the texts. Write down the name of the restaurant or cafe that you chose. Put their branding logo or font styles. Most companies use distinct font styles to define their brand, so you can use that for a more proper dinner voucher. Put the number of percentages off. This is the most important text in the voucher. Make the percentage huge and noticeable.  That is the focal point of the dinner voucher or any sample voucher, in general. 

5. Insert the Information

Insert the necessary information that is needed. Most importantly, put the location of the restaurant. Next is the contact information of the restaurant. Put the cellphone number, telephone number, e-mail address, and website. The inclusion of contact information is important for future transactions. You can also include blank spaces to include the information of the customer. You can put their name, contact information, and their signature. It is also important to leave their information in case of complications to occur while processing the voucher. 

The last things to include are the expiry date and the terms and conditions. Most vouchers expire after 12- 24 months. The terms and conditions involve the ifs of the dinner voucher. It is composed of the circumstances that make the voucher valid and legal.

6. Save and Print

After making the voucher, review it for overlooked mistakes. Then save and print it.