What Is A Voucher Card?

A voucher card is a printed reward card that is exchangeable for discounts, freebies, or any service offers. Voucher cards are commonly used by companies as promotional material for brand awareness purposes.

How To Create A Voucher Card

Most of the time, people can't distinguish the difference between gift certificates, coupons, gift card, etc. All of them have the same purpose and function. They only differ in specific functions forms, sizes and shapes. Nevertheless, a voucher card is a perfect marketing material for your business promotion. Below is a how-to guide on how you can achieve a voucher for your use.

1. Determine Your Voucher Purpose

Start your project by determining the purpose of your voucher cards. Like any other marketing material, a voucher must have a thorough marketing plan before actualizing it. Questions like "why should I create one?" or "who is my target market?" can help you create a marketing plan that is essential for your voucher project.

2. Choose Your Voucher Kind

Through your acquired marketing plan, automatically, you can now already distinguish the kind of gift voucher that you want to create. Whether it is a drink voucher, canteen voucher, or personal voucher, make sure to determine your voucher kind. Moreover, this can help you in your layout stage.

3. Choose Your Design Motif

After realizing the kind of voucher that you want to have, now is the time where you can incorporate design motif. Choose one design theme that would suit your voucher approach. You need to remember that your overall aesthetic approach matters in your vouchers. It will entice your potential market to read and make use of your vouchers. It is also best if you integrate your company's branding to inflict more brand awareness to your potential target market.

4. Construct Your Content

Your voucher content matters the most. Impose clarity when you write your voucher content. Make sure that you convey the messages straight-to-the-point. It is also advisable that you avoid including too many words and texts on your voucher. Include only the most vital information such as the given monetary value, contact information, and voucher details. Additionally, include a good CTA (Call to Action) statements.

5. Pick Your Editing Software

In choosing the best software for your layout use, make sure that it will best fit your editing comfort. If you're a beginner in layout editing, there are editing program in the market that offers user-friendly features, so check them out. But if you want to make use of our offered templates above, all of them can be accessed through numerous editing file formats such as Adobe Illustrator (.ai), MS Word, Pages, Adobe Photoshop (.psd), and Publisher.

6. Print Your Voucher

If everything is finally set for print-production, you can now choose to decide on the best print quality of your voucher. If you want to mass produce your voucher with the use of office printer, see to it that you set the print quality settings on its maximum level. You can also choose to visit your local print shop for better print-quality output.