Vouchers are very useful for the customer and for the business since it will attract new possible customers and will give discounts to them. People nowadays easily fall in love and give their loyalty to the business who have given them a voucher. If you want your business to run smoothly and with popularity, grab our downloadable and printable Blank Voucher Templates. These templates are beautifully designed with a classy and sophisticated look that is a perfect option for the taste of the customers. It is 100% customizable and editable so you will not have a hard time editing the templates according to your standards. Available in best software formats such as Illustrator (.ai), MS Word (.docx), Apple Pages (.pages), Photoshop (.psd), and Publisher (.pub) formats. Save time by using our templates now!

What is a Blank Voucher

A blank voucher is the same as any voucher that is given and will be used by the customers upon purchasing a product or services that are specified on the voucher. A creative voucher has a specific value percentage and product indicated there to give a freebie or discounts to their loyal customers. Businesses release voucher to gain new customers and to reward their customers. Vouchers are usually released during special occasions like Christmas, Valentines, Mother's Day, and any special holidays. It will be used instead of using cash when the customers do the payment.

How to Make a Blank Voucher

Making a blank voucher has the same tricky steps when you make any other types of vouchers. It needs a lot of creative thinking so that your vouchers will be as effective as what the company has planned. Stop overworking yourself because we are here to give you tips so that you will be able to craft the best blank vouchers to be released. Just read and follow the five steps below.

1. Decide the Value

This is the very first important thing to consider when you make a simple voucher, you need to think what is the value of it. Will it be a voucher that offers a specific amount of discount? A voucher that is like a bill payment? Or like a gift certificate or a coupon book? Decide carefully the value of the voucher because if the value is not right, it might affect the income of your business or it might disappoint your customers.

2. Choose a Design

Even though it is a blank voucher, it doesn't mean that there will be no design on it. The design does not need a specific theme because you are making a blank voucher which means, the voucher can be used anytime and doesn't have a specific reason why it has been released. The design includes font size, color, and background image. Make sure that the image is related to the products or services you will be offering.

3. Insert Details

The details are the business name and the products or services you can avail using the printable voucher. Do not write details that are not useful and not needed to be there. Be concise and direct to the point so that your customers will not be confused about the deals of the voucher.

4. Include Codes

The codes will be useful so that you can monitor how many have used your voucher. You can also track down when they used it. This will be a very great help when you do your inventory. The codes that you will include in the voucher will be used by the customers upon using it.

5. Write the Terms and Conditions

This is very important since this is where you will state the duration of the voucher or the thing that the customer should do so that they will be able to avail the voucher. You can also state here where and when they can only use it or how many times it can be used. Even the person who can avail it, in case your voucher was given to a special customer can be stated here.

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