How to Add Someone to Google Calendar

Allow more people to see the events planned out in your Google Calendar and let them contribute plans as well. But first things first, master the steps on how to add someone to Google Calendar. how-to-add-someone-to-google-calendar-01

How to Add Someone to Google Calendar

  • Step 1: Add Individual People to a Google Calendar


    Open your Google Calendar main page and find the “My calendars” list in the left panel (click on the list label to expand it). Select “Settings and sharing” after locating the desired calendar in the list and opening the options menu next to the calendar’s label. Scroll down to the “Share with specific people” section and click on the “Add people” button, then enter the recipient’s name or email address before clicking on Send.

  • Step 2: Share Your Google Calendar with the Public


    Expand the “My calendars” list in the left panel of your Google Calendar main page and locate the desired calendar. Next to the calendar label, open the options menu before clicking on “Setting and sharing.” Go to the “Access permissions for events” section and check the “Make available to public” option, then use the neighboring dropdown list to set the level of access.

  • Step 3: Turn Off Sharing for Your Google Calendar

    Go to Your Google Calendar main page and find the intended calendar in the “My calendars” list. Open the options menu next to your calendar’s name and select “Settings and sharing.” Use either the “Access permissions” or “Share with specific people” section to turn off sharing the sharing feature.

Can I edit the visibility of shared events in Google Calendar?

Yes, you can adjust a shared event’s visibility and privacy settings. Find the desired event in the calendar field and double-click on it to open the editing page.

Can I use the Google Calendar app on mobile devices to add people for calendar sharing?

No, you can’t share a calendar using the Google Calendar app. To add people for sharing a calendar, you must use Google Calendar on a web browser.

Can I add myself to someone else’s calendar in Google Calendar?

No, the calendar owner needs to add you themselves.