How to Convert Excel into Google Sheet

Do you have a Microsoft Excel file that you want to convert to Google Sheets? Discover how to do that right here with these simple steps! how-to-convert-excel-into-google-sheet

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How to Convert Excel into Google Sheet

  • Step 1. Open New Google Sheets


    Transferring data from an Excel spreadsheet to Google Sheets and organizing it may sound difficult. But don’t worry! One way to get it done in no time is to import it. To get started, you can open a new Google Sheet spreadsheet where your uploads can be placed.

  • Step 2. Click File


    Then move your cursor to the menu and click on ‘File’.

  • Step 3. Select Import


    Next, select the word Import shown on the dropdown. A new window will appear where you have four options on where you can get your Excel file, My Drive, Shared with me, recent, and Upload.

  • Step 4. Select your Excel file


    After you get your Excel file from either option from the previous step, a new window opens and you will need to select the options on how to import your file.

  • Step 5. Click Import Data


    Once you have chosen your options, then click the green button that says ‘Import Data’. This will convert all the data in your Excel sheet into Google Sheets. You can save changes to make sure it stays that way. Note that the format might be changed as it is imported to another type of spreadsheet though its nothing a bit of formatting can fix. This transfer can be done to any type of file whether it be .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlt, .ods, .csv, .tsv, or .tab.

Will all the formats change when I convert an Excel file to Google Sheets?

Not all of the formats will change.

Which formats would stay the same if a conversion from Excel to Google Sheets happens?

Formats that are present in both Excel and Google Sheets will stay the same.

Can you convert multiple Excel files into one Google Sheet file?

Yes, as long as you have the space for it and the Excel files aren’t massive.