Pareto Chart Templates – 7+ Free Excel, PDF Documents Download

It was Wilfredo Pareto who came up with the concept of pareto charts as an efficient way of organizing data. In a Pareto chart, both bar graphs and line graphs are used in order to represent certain information. In this type of chart, the descending value of the data is represented in the form of bar graphs. But the sum or cumulative total of the data recorded is presented in the form of line charts.You may also see Word Pareto Chart Templates. Through a combination of bar graphs and line charts, the data is presented in a logical fashion. While presenting any data, there is a specific set of a number of factors. To make it concise and comprehensive, the most important amongst them is presented or highlighted with the help of Pareto Charts. That is where it comes in handy.

pareto chart

Basic Pareto Chart Template Free Excel Download

basic pareto chart template free excel download

Pareto Chart Diagramatic Reoresentation in PDF Format

pareto chart diagramatic reoresentation in pdf format

Example PDF Template for Customer Service Pareto Chart

example pdf template for customer service pareto chart

Problem Analysis Using Pareto Chart Template XLS

problem analysis using pareto chart template xls

Basic Tools for Process Improvement Pareto Chart PDF Document

basic tools for process improvement pareto chart pdf document

Pareto Chart PDF Template for Defect Counts

pareto chart pdf template for defect counts

Printable Pareto Chart Template Free Download

printable pareto chart template free download

> Types of Pareto Chart Templates

From fields of business to engineering, a pareto chart is often used to present various kinds of data. There are several types of Pareto charts. Some of the most common ones are

Pareto Distribution Chart Templates

The main purpose of this kind of pareto chart is to highlight the problems that require urgent or immediate attention. By presenting the data in a logical form, the most urgent issue in hand is highlighted by the tallest bar. Based on that, decisions are taken.

Service Issues Pareto Chart Templates

All companies provide some sort of service to their customers. If there is an issue with the service being provided, it could be the time taken to address complaints, or even customer service. In these cases, service issue pareto chart templates are used to represent the problem through graphical representation.

Engineering Issues Pareto Chart Templates

In the field of engineering, such pareto charts have to be used regularly to highlight the critical issues. If there is a matter which requires urgent attention, then that is highlighted by the engineer through such pareto charts.

> Why Should You Use Pareto Chart Templates

Creating a pareto chart can be extremely difficult without training or at least the help of someone who knows how to use them. But why ask for help, when you can always do it yourself? Wondering how? Just look up pareto chart templates online. These have the bars and line charts already drawn for you. You can follow these pareto chart template examples while creating your own. You can obviously edit the graphs and insert your own details and data. But with the format in the back of your mind, you are sure to avoid errors of any kind. You can even make the graphs attractive and well designed. If you’ve been told to give a presentation in your place of work, you can add colours to make the graphs more interesting and appealing. The Family Tree Pareto Chart Template is then sure to grab the attention of your audience. Also, a pareto chart is different from ordinary graphs, and if you use it well, it could create a lasting impression.

> How To Create Pareto Charts Using Templates?

Even though you’ve done the right thing by downloading pareto chart templates online, you must keep in mind that it is a highly technical graph that requires a lot of attention to the details. The templates you download will already have the graphs created, you can keep them as it is while making the presentation, or you can edit them to create your own. If your browser carefully, you will come across free pareto chart templates which have coloured bars. These colours not only break the monotony of the templates, but also have a significance. You can always experiment with your graphs to make them more appealing. So what are you waiting for?

> Tips While Using Pareto Chart Templates

In case you’re planning to download pareto chart templates, you need to keep in mind a few tips which could come in handy-

  • First, you must decide the type of presentation you’re going to create. Also, you need to figure out where you’ll fit in your pareto chart. If you’re indeed going to use a pareto chart, make sure it is relevant and goes with the content of your presentation. That will help you make your work more meaningful.
  • Try to go with the unexpected and the unconventional. Thinking out of the box is always appreciated when it comes to corporate presentations. Wedding Pareto charts Templates and graphs are used by all. But it is the “how” that makes a difference. If you can think of innovative ways of using it, do that!
  • Go for pareto chart templates which can be customized. No one said bars and graphs had to be boring. You can choose templates where each bar is presented with a different colour. That usually has a purpose since each colour signifies something specific. But it also makes your graph look attractive.
  • Do be careful while creating the bars and line charts. If you make an error in the representation, that could end up meaning something else entirely. That would ruin the whole purpose of your presentation.

> What To Do And What Not To Do With Pareto Chart Templates


  • Mention the date and subject on the top.
  • Try to keep the design simple and classy.
  • Create the bars and line charts with care.
  • Check your data thoroughly


  • Do not go overboard with the design
  • Do not miss out on important or relevant details
  • Do not create the graphs in haste
  • Do not make mistakes in representation

A pareto chart is widely used in the corporate world. While giving presentations to your superiors, you will be expected to make use of such charts to make your work all the more presentable. If you’ve not created such charts before, chances are, you have zero idea of how to organize the bars and the lines. But don’t worry, you have Word chart templates to help you out.

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