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3+ Premature Baby Weight Gain Charts

Premature baby weight gain chart is designed for the babies who didn’t meet the full weeks of gestation that puts them in critical situation where their life and development is at stake. This chart is intended to properly document the babies’ weight and evaluate where it falls to the measurement that converts it to development evaluation so adjustments to the care given to them is made; health professionals are the only ones that must be familiar to this kind of chart when they will accommodate premature babies. You can also see Baby Weight Gain Charts.

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Premature Baby Weight Gain Chart

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Premature Baby Weight Conversion Chart

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As the name itself, the chart where the babies heaviness is monitored in a month up until they gain a year in their life; this kind of chart is seldom used as this is strictly follows every four weeks before taking another weight. You can never get lost with this chart as this will be used once in a month and will distinguish the babies’ weight directly if it falls borderline or in abnormal side. You can also see Charts Templates.

Premature Baby Weight Chart by Week

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To get the continuous documentation of a baby’s weight then it should be monitored in a weekly timing. This is the most reliable format to verify if the baby is gaining ounces or losing it as every week is a new record of weight. If a baby needs to be monitored closely due to their present health status or if they fail to thrive then this chart is needed. It will give you the summarized data of the babies’ weight based on the information plotted in the chart and so you can see the trend that is going to a baby’s week. You can also see Baby Weight Charts.

Baby Height Weight Chart

As dietitians always check may it be adult or baby, they always check the weight and height of a person as this two must meet simultaneously to check if they are growing based on what is recommended. Especially to babies where their nutritional intake is considered precious for them to grow normal and thrive well.

> Benefits and Advantages of Premature Baby Weight Gain Chart

This medical diagram will show if the premature infant is responding good in the medical attention and nourishment given to them as each figures shown by their weight has an equivalent interpretation for health specialist to discriminate. Overall it shows any loss or gains of weight that the premature infant had in the extent of the care given to them. You can also see Baby Height Weight Charts.

Features of Premature Baby Weight Gain Chart

The chart template is specified for premature babies only so this will come handy when it comes to assessing their weight where you can take each weight to their proper equivalent in the chart. You can also see Average Baby Weight Charts.

Steps in Creating a Premature Baby Weight Gain Chart

You can make one of this using a word document program then searched for reliable source in medical books or websites that can guide health specialist in taking care for this type of patients. You can also see Baby Weight Percentile Charts.


Use the guideline for this chart as per suggestion of World Health Organization guidelines. You can also see Baby Weight Chart by Month.

The chart can be accessed in Microsoft word, excel and pdf file where the user can have it instantly. They can print and download the file whenever they like or even have it customized for their use.

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