How to Make an HR Policies Checklist [5+ Templates to Download]


When rules are not laid out and defined clearly, it’s so easy to break them. In the corporate world, having vague policies and procedures is extremely risky for both employers and employees. Human resource policies form the foundation of actions and responses taken for effective workforce management. Without them, an organization cannot function well, especially startup companies who struggle to frame effective HR policies since they’re trying to control the position they currently hold in the marketplace.

7 Steps to Make an HR Policies Checklist

Step 1: Be Familiar With The Law

Policies need to presented with black and white definition, so it’s very important to familiarize yourself with federal, state and local labor or employment regulations. Some laws need to be included in the employee handbook. Refer to the U.S. Department of Labor regarding federal laws that may affect how you deal with common issues in the workplace.

Step 2: Create Job Profiles

People in an organization play specific roles, making up a whole team responsible for everyday operations. Make a profile for each role within your business and individuals who fill them. Write down as much information as you deem necessary such as the strengths or reasons for a certain employee’s success.

Step 3: Check Your Failures

Take one or two steps back to think about what’s working in the standards and rules you currently have in place. Are people becoming less productive? What triggers your employees’ agitation sometimes? What motivates them? What are the action plans you have implemented for poor performance and employee misdemeanors? These are your crucial points.

Step 4: Place The Checklist Where You Can See It

There’s no point in developing an HR checklist if it’s just going to be lost behind a pile of old employee records. Don’t just put it anywhere. Once you have decided that you’ve got everything an HR Policies document need, that doesn’t mean you’re done. Otherwise, you may not be productive in putting together a set of policies that work.

Step 5: Write Some “Do” Steps

“Do” steps serve as reminders to act on a specific point of action. In the case of corporate or business documentation such as HR documents, double check the format and size of the information source for documents that need validity with reference to previous documentation. Do the same when getting clarifications in the policies you have on the list to make sure that they’re reliable.

Step 6: Get Creative

Creating any checklist tend to have a repetitive element to it but a checklist’s main purpose is to challenge you to rise above repetitive or routine tasks. It allows you to use the power of thinking and be more creative in dealing with activities. Since having one means lesser panicking, you have more breathing space for creativity.

Step 7: Choose Your Material

If you’re on your mobile or computer device all throughout the day, use any notes software to make a portable and handy checklist. If you don’t like the idea of having to stare at your phone or computer screen just to double check your list, do it the old school way and write down items on your list on a notebook or paper.

5+ HR Policies Checklist Templates

1. HR Policies Checklist

hr checklist 01 Download

Make sure you don’t miss out on any policies and procedures, especially those required by the state for your company. Use this HR Checklist template to list down all items that you need to include. Download this template now and print in all versions of PDF file format for your convenience.

2. Sample HR Policies List

hr compliance checklist 2 Download

Need to structure an effective HR Policies guide? Download this checklist template which you can modify to fit the standards necessary to make your business flow smoothly. Improve your own list and add in other items that you might need later on. Scrap out anything else on this template that you think you can do without.

3. HR Policies Checklist Template

hr policies 01 Download

If you need to complete a list of policies before finalizing what your Human Resources team would really need, this professionally-formatted template can come in handy as a guide to completing yours. Rather than starting from scratch, download this easy-to-edit template anywhere, anytime on any compatible device!

4. HR Handbook Checklist Sample

hr policy handbook checklist 1 Download

Produce a checklist that allows more room for both creativity and systematizing of a process for policies and procedures in your Human Resource office. The attached HR Handbook sample checklist is easy enough to understand and customize for any changes you may find necessary, so fill in your own set of policies and get this template now!

5. HR Management Checklist

management policies human resources checklist 1 Download

Looking for a tool that would make your task of writing HR policies more manageable? Download this accessible corporate file and end up with a checklist template designed to fit any structure your company may require. Just hit the download button and print to have your own copy or record.

6. Sample HR Policies Checklist

workplace policies hr checklist 1 Download

Listing down HR policies which would comply to state laws or federal requirements with much consideration to the company’s specific workforce isn’t easy. Use this HR Policies checklist sample to make sure you won’t be leaving anything out. Click on the download button and customize as you see fit!

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