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4+ Baby Shower To-Do List Templates

A baby shower is done to celebrate the anticipation of people about the new member of the family who is about to be delivered by her mother a few weeks or months after the celebration. It is a way of showing support to the pregnant couple and to provide the basic items that will be helpful in the early life stages of the baby.

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We can give you samples of baby shower to-do list templates to help you in planning the activities that you want to execute in the baby shower celebration that you will host and organize. Moreover, we have other samples of List Templates usable as references for other listing activities that you may be involved in.

Baby Shower Party To-Do List Template[


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Baby Shower Host To-Do List Template

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Size: 49 KB


Items Included in the Baby Shower To-Do List

If you are tasked to create the baby shower to-do list or if you will organize a baby shower, here are the items that you need to include in the particular listing:

  • The amount of money that the couple is willing to spend for the baby shower
  • The theme of the baby shower
  • The activities that will be done in the baby shower program
  • The food items that will be served
  • The guests who will be invited and the invitations to be sent out

The Budget

It is very important to know the budget that will be used for the baby shower for the following reasons:

  • It will set the activities that you can plan so you will not waste your time on thinking for activities which will not be executed because of budget limitation.
  • Overspending will be minimized or the allotted money can be controlled if the budget is already known before hand.
  • The budget for the baby shower will let the parents of the baby to know the number of guests that they can invite, the program inclusion of the baby shower, and the items that will be present in the baby shower.

Other than our baby shower to-do list, we can also provide you with downloadable Baby Shower Gift List Template samples.

Baby Shower Planner Template

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  • PDF

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Baby Shower To-Do List in PDF

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Things to Consider in Planning a Baby Shower

If you are planning for a baby shower, here are a few items that you need to incorporate in your to-do list:

  • The things that the parents of the baby want to happen in the baby shower
  • The program guide that will be followed during the entire implementation of the baby shower event
  • The suppliers that you need to contact to get the needed materials and items for the completion of the baby shower

The Baby Shower Program and List of Activities

Your to-do list for a baby shower program may also include the planning of the activities that you want to implement during the event. A few of the activities may be as follows:

  • If there is none that has been made yet, you can plan a gender reveal game for the attendees of the program.
  • You also need to know the phasing of the activities that the guests will do which may include party games, gift giving, the message of the friends of the couple for the baby and his or her parents, meal time duration, and a lot more.
  • You can invite the children of the friends of the couple so that you can also prepare for parent and child bonding activities

More than our baby shower to-do list, we also have other kinds of To Do List Template samples usable for different activities that you want to properly plan.

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