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3+ Office Inventory List Templates in PDF | DOC | XLS

Managing the inventory list of your office is essential as it helps you to get the right products at your reach when you need them. In any business, the right way to maximize sales is to handle excess inventory by reducing the cost. With proper inventory management, you can get rid of the risk of reduced stocks and funds. You can also sell your products on time and prevent decomposition. To get your inventory list prepared in no time, you can use list templates with editable formats!

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Tips to Create Office Inventory List Professional

Step 1: Open an Excel Blank Worksheet

The first step to start with is to open an empty worksheet in Microsoft Excel. It’s easier to find the first option among the in-built template options when you open Excel. Once it opens, now you need to create a custom-made table where you will have to add the list of inventory items.

Step 2: Create Inventory List

In the next step, you need to add the headers of the columns. Use some common headings like Item Name, Item Number, Item Cost, and Net Value with which you can add in the columns. Edit the width size of the columns from each other simply by using the mouse. Drag and modify any other changes you wish to do in the sheet.

Step 3: Add Item Name and Price

After you have labelled the columns, you need to now fill it up. Add the names of your items, their costs and don’t forget their item registration number. Click on each cell and add the required data before finalizing it.

Step 4: Calculate Net Value

You can easily calculate in Excel spreadsheets using formula. And that is what we will use here. To get the total value of the items, input the formulae to multiply the values in cells of Item cost with the Number of Items to get the net value. Hold an drag your mouse from the first cell to the bottom and you get the net value for each item automatically.

Step 5: Save and Update

It’s quite easy to save your document in an Excel spreadsheet. Just go to File and select the ‘Save As’ option to get a separate window. Write or browse for the location of storing your document and add the name in the File Name box. Once complete, click on Save.

How to Manage Your Inventory List Efficiently?

Managing Inventory is an art which if you do correctly you can maximize your profits so you can do it using some of the following steps:

1. First-in, First-out:

The best approach to managing your inventory list is to the FIFO approach. It simply means arrange the items and sell them in the same chronological order. It’s best if you keep the non-perishable goods at the top. This technique is used for warehouses or storerooms.

2. Analyze your stocks:

For good inventory management, you need to calculate your stocks either physically every single item and detect the stocking issues as well.

3. Track your stocks:

To track your tocks, you should establish a solid system of monitoring your machinery and understanding its validity. You can save your time and energy by doing much physical work as much as possible.

4. Manage quality control:

Besides the stock quantity and scales, you also need to ensure that the quality is not compromised. Your employees can conduct a quality check at a fixed regular interval.

5. Adopt drop shipping:

Through drop shipping, you can sell your stock and manage the inventory as well. This prevents worrying about your inventory hold, storing them and then selling strategy.

3+ Office Inventory List Templates in PDF | DOC | XLS

1. Office Storage Inventory List Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 322 KB


Wondering how to manage the storage and calculation of stocks by a simple and usable office inventory list? Then you should get this Office Storage Inventory list template in PDF right away. The file has a comprehensive editable layout with the introductory sections for your information and towards the bottom giving you adequate space to add your list. In case you are not satisfied, we also have a wide range of lists in Numbers, a different file format for your Apple devices!

2. Office Inventory List Example

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 99 KB


You can now easily get access to our list of sample list templates such as this one Office Inventory List Example which gives you a fully customizable format with standard fonts and content, making it easier for you to edit and add the information of your choice. You will also get other list templates in multiple other file formats so that you can choose from our given options and download them according to your needs!

3. Office Supply Inventory List Template in DOC

File Format
  • DOC

Size: 19 KB


Are you wondering how to increase the stocks and sales of your company? Now you will get the ease of handling and editing your inventory list with the help of this handy Office Supply Inventory List Template as soon as possible. Along with this file, you get the liberty to make changes without any hassle. Without wasting any more time, download this template in DOC format. We also have various other lists in MS Word for your convenience!

4. Office Equipment Inventory List Template in XLS

File Format
  • XLS

Size: 54 KB


This Office Equipment Inventory List Template in XLS format has been designed for your ease in a way that will help you manage your stocks in the office whenever you want. This list comes with a pre-built organized form with the information and details required. The best part is you can even use this template as it is or just modify parts of the content you don’t want and print instantly according to your need! You may also like our lists in Pages format to edit in your Apple devices!

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