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As a customer, you’d want to know just how much something would cost before you buy it. However, if you want to go through all of a business’s goods, then you’ll want a detailed list that contains the information that you need. Which is why just about every business has a price list for you and other customers to check out.

With a sample price list, one can gather all the details regarding the type of product, how much the product would cost, the delivery charges, and much more. Every business owner must learn how to create a proper price list that will get customers to want to buy their goods as well as one that helps them when they need a reference for how much they should be charging for their products and services.

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Cleaning Service Price List

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House Cleaning Price List

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Formal Cleaning Price List

price dhbroc.com

General Cleaning Price List

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What Is a Cleaning Price List?

A cleaning price list is, as one would expect, a document that contains all of the prices of a cleaning service. With this, customers can point out what kind of cleaning service they would like, as well as pick out the ones that’s best suited for their event or establishment, by going over the details of the list. So they can choose everything from the type of cleaning and what needs to be cleaned.

How to Determine Your Cleaning Rates

If you’re a housekeeper, then one of the hardest things to do is to determine just how much you should charge your clients. There are a lot of things that you should consider such as the location of where the service will take place, the size of the home, the frequency and duration of the cleanings, how clean the client wants it to be, and more. When you provide your services, you’ll find out that there’s more than one way for you to set up your service charges. While most housekeeping jobs usually charge by the hour, you may decide to charge your services based on the number of rooms, by the square foot, or by the type of cleaning project. So if you want to know which is the best method for you to charge for your services, then here are different examples of how you can set up your service fees:

  • Hourly Rate. This is what just about every single cleaning service uses as it’s the most reliable and the most common. This is perfect for those that are still starting out with a new client and if they’re not sure about the duration of the service. This is also good if you only need to do so small jobs such as doing the laundry. You’ll have to be careful as this type of payment plan can easily tie up a big amount of your time for just a small amount of work. A good hourly rate for cleaning would be around the $14-per-hour mark considering that this is just about the average wage of all housekeepers. However, you may decide to increase or decrease the rate depending on the type of cleaning you’ll be doing and the area of where you’ll be doing it.
  • Flat rate. If you have a client list and if you’ve been in the cleaning business for a while, then you know that a flat rate is what you give to your regular clients. If you already know the size of the home that you’re going to clean and the number of rooms there is for you to go through, then you’ll already know just how long it’s going to take in order for you to get the job done. Basically, because you already know about the details of how you’re going to do the service, then you’ll already know just how much you should be charging. You’ll want to factor in if you’re going to be cleaning your client’s home once a week or once a month. If you’re doing it on a monthly basis, then you know the job is going to take longer than if you did it once a week. You’ll have to be clear with your clients regarding what the flat rate includes.
  • Per Room Rate. Those who have been in the business for a long time and who have become professionals usually charge their clients based on the number of rooms cleaned. While this is a great method, one must know that it can also be very complicated. You’ll need to take note that the size of every room you’ll be cleaning is going to be consistent. There will be rooms that are bigger or smaller than the others. So come up with a fee proposal to help you decide on the different rates for the types of room that you’ll be cleaning and then you’ll need to average them all out to get one total rate. This is to make sure that you’re not undercharging for your cleaning service.
  • Square Foot Rate. If you plan on cleaning really big homes such as vacation villas, then one of the best kind of charging rate is by the square foot or even by the square inch. If you plan on taking on really big homes, then you may consider making assistant job flyers to get you someone that can help you with those mega-cleaning jobs. When you’re cleaning really large homes, then you’ll often find that there are parts of these homes that are rarely used, which will require some very deep cleaning. However, you’ll need to remember that it’ll take longer to clean than other areas of the home. You’ll have to make sure that you’re offering an average so that you’ll be well compensated for your services.
  • Project Rate. If you’ve been in the cleaning industry long, then you know that there are just some cleaning tasks that are just not necessary for every client or every job. Some good examples would be cleaning the fridge, dusting the carpet, wiping windows, and more. Things will be much easier for you if you decide to charge a flat fee or an hourly one for standard cleaning and then present your clients with a service list that contains the tasks that you can perform as well as the fee for each of them. This is a good method to ensure that you’re not just going to charge normal fees for tasks that are either more complex or ones that you’re not expected to do. It’s also a way for you to ensure client satisfaction by showing them that there are other ways for you to help them out, making your services that much more valuable.

Price List Format for Cleaning

pricelist 1 788x1114 aladdincarpetcleaning.co.nz

Dry Cleaning Price List Template

drycleanprice 1 788x1019 mccs-sc.com

Carpet Cleaning Price List

carpet cleaning services price list carefulcare.co.uk

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Price List

price sparklelaundry.com

Sample Cleaning Price List

carpet ecophy.co.uk

No matter which rate option you’re going to choose, here’s a list of other things that should help you factor how much you should charge:

  • You’re running a cleaning business in the hopes of making a profit. So you’ll want to consider creating an expense sheet. Inside the expense report should contain things such as expenses for transportation, the cost of the cleaning materials, the equipment that you’re going to use, and the insurance and taxes. All of these should then be a part of the service fee that you should be settling on.
  • If it’s your first time cleaning a new home, then it may take you longer than necessary. You’ll never know the kind of state the home is in as well as a number of rooms that you’re going to be cleaning. So what you can do is charge the client one price for the initial cleaning fee, then you can charge him or her a lower one for any future cleaning services.
  • You should never agree on a price for the service before you’re surveyed the home that you’re supposed to clean. If you’re cleaning for a rather large family, especially one with pets, then you know it’s going to take much more work as well as time to clean the house. You should know the kind of job that you’re getting into, as well as how you should be compensated based on the type of job that you’re going to do.
  • Before you decide to settle on a final price, be sure to do your research first. Go through websites to see the final prices of other housekeepers within your particular area. Or you can talk to professionals who have been in the business for years. Ask them just how much they charge so that you’re rates are at least within range of theirs.
  • After you’re done negotiating with your client regarding the price, you’ll want to draft out a service agreement that spells out everything about the service you’re going to provide. In the contract, you’ll have to point out things such as the areas that you’re going to clean, how often you’ll be cleaning them, and the rate. You’ll also want to include the fees for any extra services such as laundry, windows, fridges, ovens, and much more.

There are lots of ways for you to clean all of the different types of homes out there. All you have to do is conduct proper research to help you determine the type of rates that you would like to charge for your services and to make sure that you gain something out of it.

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