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If you happen to have your own business, then you would very likely benefit from having a price list to provide your clients with a clear list of the costs of each item you have available. This can apply no matter what your business is, whether it happens to be related to service or retail. This is thanks to there being different price list templates available to suit the nature of your particular business.

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In the case of service-related businesses, your price lists would do well to use service list templates as their foundation. Your own lists would naturally have less to do with listing any items you have compared to making a list of what you can do for any of your clients. This does mean that any of your Word price lists would have different requirements than price lists for items, however, slight those may be.

Sample Service Price Lists

Cleaning Service Price List

cleaning service price list 11 788x1114 epuap.org

Salon Service List

salon service list 11 788x520 vartali.com

Spa Price List Template

ocean spa menu template download 251 788x1063 stephanies.com.au

What Businesses Can Use Service Price List Templates

Being that these examples of service lists are meant specifically for service-oriented businesses, it may interest you to know exactly which businesses can make use of these particular templates. If you were interested in tools like service catalogs that could help explain the nature of your business, then it would be in your best interests to know where you could make use of them.

Photography Studios

Photography studios are one business with a need for price lists. It would naturally be wise to check these lists before actually progressing to considering example photography contracts. If this is your business, you would have to state exactly what you have to offer, especially if you can provide coverage for events, to say nothing of regular photographer services. This includes the number of photographers, the length of coverage, the format of photos, etc. Your list may arrange your offerings as packages so as to serve more needs for potential clients.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services also possess their own cleaning lists so as to state in what ways they might keep your premises clean. After all, there would be different methods for cleaning different rooms and materials, so clients need to understand that keeping the premises clean is hardly a simple task. In that case, it would important for a cleaning business to specify what services they do offer so as to make clear to clients what they can expect, which may also include some measure of maintenance of your premises.


If you have patronized a salon before, you might have noticed they have salon menus for you to view their services, packages, and other offerings. After all, salons can have quite a number of services to offer, which may depend on their type. For example, a given salon might have such offerings as haircuts, waxing, manicures, etc. Given the number of options that differ among different salons, it would help your own business to include such a list of prices to specify what you do offer.


Like salons, spas do feature their own spa menus to make their clients aware of what they have to offer. This is important as there is some overlap between spas and salons, being that they can both be concerned with beauty treatments and health. Spas generally offer massages, aromatherapy, bathing, and saunas, among others, so it would be wise to list what services they offer. After all, aside from specifying their offerings, it does also serve as marketing to promote themselves to potential customers.

Catering Services

As you can tell from examples of catering invoices, caterers occupy a position between service and production businesses as catering implies a bit of both. But as a service business, a catering price list would have to include all the services implied by the nature of the business. This includes not only cooking and delivering food, but also setting up the venue, serving at events, cleanup, and so on. While not all caterers necessarily do all these things, some measure of service is implied by the very nature of catering, hence the need to list those services.

Service Price List Templates

Service Price List

service price list 11 788x1019 apgfcu.com

Salon Price List Template

sample salon price list template 21 788x1114 jessicasbeautytherapy.webs.com

Salon Price Sheet Example

salon price sheet pdf template free download 033 788x556 doc.edinburghcollege.ac.uk

Spa Price List Template

massage envy price list template 11 788x1019 highlandoaksspa.com

Blank Service Price Lists

What to Include in Service Price List Templates

When making your own price lists, especially if you happen to be making them as part of service proposals to another party, it is necessary to include certain elements so as to express the exact services your business has to offer. Some of these elements include:

Distinct Services

Documents like price quotes and price lists alike make mention of what a given business’ own services are. This matters in that it serves to tell your clients what you can offer, especially in how those services are distinct from those offered by your competitors, at least implicitly.


Like sample price invoice lists, you would have to include the prices of your various services, as that is the point of such lists in the first place. Of course, considering that services can be performed over a period of time rather than be over and done with as soon as an exchange is done, the price should also take the time into account. As such, sometimes prices are less flat money values and more rates depending on the time taken. This allows businesses to charge a fair price for any work that may take time rather than just charge a fixed amount.


Time can be a factor when it comes to services, considering that a given service may be time-dependent. This can take the form of listing rates over a period of hours, or even stating how long a given service lasts for a given cost. This is often necessary given that it is not always easy to tell how long a given service can tell, such as may be the case when the business is not entirely certain themselves. This can be seen in repair and cleaning work, though in such cases, the workers may be able to provide a professional estimate.


Some sample price menus may also list a business’ special packages, if applicable. After all, in such cases, this serves to make that business more competitive by providing more offerings at once. This can be quite convenient for clients, as they can get multiple services in the same session for lower cost than paying for each service in turn.

Example Service Price Lists

Film Photo Shoot Price Sheet Template

film photo shoot price sheet pdf template free download 11 788x1019 trimet.org

Photography Price List Template

photography price list template 13 788x1019 lyonswedding.com

Sample Hair Salon Price List Template

hair salon price list template 21 788x573 carshalton.ac.uk

Functions of Service Price Lists

As tools for promoting your business, documents like price sheets are meant to fulfill certain functions in the name of demonstrating the nature of your business. But aside from simply listing your services, there are a number of other functions that these kinds of lists can serve. Some of these are not necessarily immediately evident, but even the implicit ones are present in such lists.

Stating Available Services

The most basic function of these tools is similar to that of price quotations. Of course, they only state what services are available rather than list what services clients patronized in a particular transaction, but the essence is similar. In this case, the services listed are potential, which clients may take advantage of if they are so inclined. In any case, this does serve to indicate to your clients what you are able to give them.

Delimiting Your Services

Of course, aside from what you can see on service orders and other documents like them, what are not listed are also important in themselves. After all, no business can supply everything, so it is important to make clear what services your business cannot fulfill. It helps to specify how flexible your business is, and whether you are capable of providing services not explicitly listed on your price list.

Providing Options for Different Clients

Since any price lists you are likely to use will have different options, there is an indication that your selection of options is aimed at meeting the needs of different clients. After all, having a menu of selections to choose from allows your clients some freedom in choosing exactly what they want from you. One implication of this is being able to maintain a larger customer base, as you have more choices so as to accommodate more varied needs of your clientele.

Indirect Marketing

What services you have available can also make for an effective marketing tool. After all, you can expect that there are likely to be other businesses similar to your own. If so, then you would do well to demonstrate to your own clients that your business has something unique. This serves to keep you competitive, potentially through demonstrating that you have something to offer that is distinct from any of your competitors.

Tools of Comparison

You can also tools like price charts as a means of comparison with similar businesses. Whether you are a business, or just a client looking to compare prices, these price lists can help you either way. After all, other price lists can help you decide on the best value for your money, or help you readjust your prices so as to stay competitive.

With these insights, it should not be too surprising if you should find yourself better able to make your own price lists for your business. Indeed, if anything, you should be better equipped to make and use them if it should ever become necessary.

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