30 Sample Price List Templates


When running your own business, there are a number of different document tools available to you that can serve to make your work proceed more easily such as Excel price sheet templates. Templates can work by saving you time by giving you a very basic format that you can us as a basis to make your documents. One example is a price list template which can help you list all the products and services you can offer to your customer base and their prices.

Of course, there are other reasons why you might want to use sample price list templates for your work other than just letting your clients know how much your offerings might cost them. Any business would have to know about the importance of pricing strategy. After all, your prices can definitely have a hand in helping attract customers to patronize your business. As such, it would be wise to give some thought on how to use templates to help you make price lists for your particular business in order to be sure that you can use them to their fullest.

Student Salon Service Price List Template

fc student salon menu prices specials 11 788x479 cosmetology.fullcoll.edu

Technical College Salon Price List

price list 11 788x1019 laniertech.edu

Simple Instrument Retail Price List

gss bidcondocs.delaware.gov

Retail Prescription Drug Price List

walmart prescription drug list 11 788x1024 saintmarys.edu

Herbicide Retail Price List

unl ec130 herbicide prices 11 788x1019 cropwatch.unl.edu

Funeral General Price List Template

sample1 general price list 11 788x1019 ftc.gov

Retail Price List Template

73 pricelist 21 788x609 bookstore.hawaii.edu

Basic General Price List Template

appendix dhp.virginia.gov

Radio Price List Template

ef purchasing.idaho.gov

What Businesses Can Use Price Lists

One thing that might be of particular use to you is knowing which businesses can make use of at least some of the price list templates in Word available online. Precisely because there are so many businesses that can use price list templates, you should be aware of how these businesses can use their price lists. After all, this could effectively serve to help you find out how best to use your own price lists to help yourself in terms of your business.


You may already be aware that there are salon price list templates available that you can use as simple frameworks around which you can make your own price lists tailored to your business needs. It is particularly important that salons have their own price list templates thanks to the fact that there are different services that salons can offer to their clients. Depending on the particular salon, they can offer such services as hair styling and cutting, manicures and pedicures, massages, and so on. In your case, you may use your price lists to make sure that your clients know exactly what you have to offer, which can serve to attract very particular clients to your business. This is in addition to the fact that your price lists can tell your clients what is on offer. Even in the case of similar services, there is some level of distinction that your price list should specify. For example, in the case of massages, you ought to specify the exact length of a given message as well as the specific area of the body it targets. The same can be said of other services you might offer such as hair and skin care.


If you are in the retail business, there are also different retail price list templates that you can find that should be able to suit your needs. After all, there are a number of products that you could conceivably sell to a customer base, including such things as electronics, equipment, musical instruments, and others. In that case, it is vital that you choose a template that is most reflective of your actual selection. For example, you would be better off choosing product price list templates specifically intended to list prices for products for sale rather than a list of services offered. You can specialize even further by finding a sample price list closer to what you have to offer, such as list templates focused on books, furniture, equipment, and so on.

Funeral Homes

This might not be an example that would occur to many people, but the fact that you can find and use general price list templates for yourself is already an indicator that you do have applicable tools available if this is indeed your line of business. In the case of general price lists, you can provide your clients with a very specific list of products and services to facilitate the interment of the bodies of loved ones. After all, treating the bodies of the dead well and making all the arrangements for funerals and cremations can be a fairly complex process. As such, you should have your own price lists in order to let your clients know what the business of taking care of the dead actually entails. This can include such things as the costs of coffins and funerals, as well as the costs of embalming, the use of your facilities, transportation, and so on. If your clients are to fully understand what a funeral will actually cost, you would need to make such things clear via the price lists you use.

Cleaning Services

If you happen to have your own cleaning service, it would be to your benefit to have your own price lists. After all, there are some intricacies involved in providing cleaning services to your clients. Your clients should be aware that you would be charging for different possible services. This can range from cleaning the premises, disposing of garbage, transportation, and so on. Aside from that, cleaning would entail distinct cleaning methods and expenses on your part, such as cleaning either carpeting or tiles. As such, your price lists need to specify your costs for each kind of method so that clients can be aware of your prices and plan accordingly.


It is also possible for schools to have their own price lists to be able to provide information for the costs of what they provide. This includes other costs beyond the tuition fees since schools also provide other necessities such as books and uniforms. This can make it possible for students and their families to plan out how to supply them with all that they would need in order to study. Schools can also maintain price lists in order to deal with official school events and extracurricular activities. This is evident when students need to reserve rooms for classes or other activities. In such a case, it would be more convenient for everyone to have a price list that can specify the costs of using school facilities so that any groups within the school can have a guide to help them plan their expenses ahead of time.


Another business entity that can make use of its own price lists is a pharmacy. After all, pharmacies supply a variety of drugs whose prices should be listed for the convenience of their clients. This would make it easier for patients to find any drugs they might need and know their prices instantly. Another way such lists can be useful is in providing information to clients. Since drugs are usually controlled substances, you would be able to use your price lists to include warnings for patients so that you can be sure that they will be using the drugs responsibly.

Sample Seedling Price List

seedlingpricelist 11 788x609 dnr.wi.gov

Printing Service Price List

publishedpricelist 021 788x1019 wsdot.wa.gov

Woodworking Materials Price List

woodsheddiagram 21 788x1019 epa.gov

Electronic Products and Services Price List

comcast seattle.gov

Alcoholic Beverages Price List Template

alphapricelist 0011 788x1019 abc.utah.gov

Windows Computer Price List Template

windowscomputers 11 788x1019 uhbooks.hawaii.edu

Apple Computer Price List Template

applecomputers 021 788x1019 uhbooks.hawaii.edu

What You Can Use Your Price Lists for

As with any tool, it always pays to know exactly how your price lists can serve as conveniences for you. Some of the possible uses you can get out of any sample price invoice lists might be self-evident, but it still does pay to be aware of them so that you can be sure that you are making the most of your price lists. After all, this could ensure that your price lists can more fully contribute to your business.

Stating Pricing Details

Perhaps the most obvious use of your price lists is to simply list the services you offer and attach specific prices to each one. For example, this is one of the important functions of the Excel price list templates you elect to use. After all, this is the most basic information your clients would need before making any decision to patronize your business or not. Before your clients ever decide to do business with you, they would need some idea of what your items cost. This would be most applicable to any of your customers that would be operating according to some kind of budget. Aside from that, it would be smart to present your prices in list form to make the information more easily understandable to the particular customer base you are aiming at. This can make many of your operations more focused since you would have a definite sector to aim at.

Enabling Estimates of Total Costs

One definite way in which it would be advantageous to use sample list templates to list the prices of what you have to offer is in that it would be possible for your clients to estimate the total price of a given transaction. If your clients were to buy multiple items and services at a time, then listing the prices of individual items would simply make it easier for them to calculate the costs themselves. Having this kind of knowledge beforehand could serve to help your clients find out how much all the things they want might cost. You should keep in mind that many tools like these can serve to make life easier for your customers. In turn, this is likely to attract them to patronize you in the first place since conducting business with you is much easier for them. In any case, this function of your price lists can serve to give your customers some conveniences, which is another dimension to keep in mind when considering how to use your price list templates.

Allowing for Comparison with Competitors

Another way in which your price list templates can assist your customer base is in enabling comparison with your competition. On your clients’ parts, they would be looking for the most advantageous deal they could possibly find, which would be helped by being able to compare costs across similar businesses. That is not to say that your customers are the only ones who could possibly benefit from using your price lists in such a way. You can do the same and compare your products and prices with your competitors yourself. Indeed, this is even a necessity since such a move could contribute to helping you determine a better pricing system for your own offerings so that you could remain competitive.

Marketing Your Business

Like some other business templates, it is not impossible for you to use your price list templates as indirect marketing tools to promote your business. The most obvious way this could be done is by including your contact details on the price list proper, which would make it possible for interested clients to know where you are located and how to get in touch with you. These measures can serve to facilitate more business, and direct business at that. Your prices themselves can also promote your business and products among your customer base since your presumably competitive prices could be placed in a position where they could be viewed by any interested parties. In a way, you could liken your price lists to an indirect invitation for potential clients to come and do business with you.

Providing Product Details

One another supplementary function of your price lists is that they can provide information on any products you might offer. You can see this for yourself in the case of products like electronics, whose price lists would include tech specifications for the benefit of any curious customers. This information can answer some questions your customers might have concerning particular items, especially if the customers are very well-informed about those products themselves. This function can even be a necessity in the case of certain products like drugs. In such cases, you would definitely need to include that information in your price list since it would be a matter of customer safety. You may have seen disclaimers included in price lists for controlled and dangerous substances since it would be necessary to include them as warnings for customers. Other than drugs, this may be a necessity for items such as cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, and in some cases, including this information might even be required by law.

Updating Selections When Necessary

From time to time, you might find yourself needing to update your price lists in order to make sure that they properly reflect what you actually have to offer. While you can indeed use free list templates to make your price lists in the first place, you can also use them as tools to update your selections and prices as they change over time. Since the templates may be used to make your lists, there is no reason that they cannot also be tasked with helping you edit your lists whenever you need to change them. After all, your lists need only be modified to reflect any changes you make rather than remade from scratch. At worst, you may use the price list templates as a format to make a new list in case you have to make very drastic alterations.

Applying Modifications to Your Price Lists

In order to make sure that your resulting price lists accurately reflect what you have to offer, you would need to make sure that they correspond to your business. This is especially true of service price list templates since you would need to make sure that your price list states what you have to offer correctly. Even if you were to use a basic price list template, you would still have to modify it so that it actually states what you offer your clients. If it were not to be an accurate representation of your offerings, then your price list would hardly be useful to anyone.

Stationery Price List Template

stationery hilo.hawaii.edu

Braille Publications Price List

pricelist 12 788x1019 tsbvi.edu

Sample Samsung Price List

samsung oa products msrp price file feb 2016 011 788x609 connect.alsde.edu

Sample Dog Food Price List

rc pricelist2017 11 788x1019 vetmed.ucdavis.edu

School Facilities Price List Sample

smithwick 11 788x1019 foothill.edu

Student Printing and Copying Price List Template

price list 2016 17 031 788x1217 tate.uga.edu

Lab Equipment Price List Template

454pricelist 11 788x1019 biosystems.usu.edu

Academic Products Price List Example

matlab price list 11 788x609 casa.mines.edu

Student Health Price List Template Sample

feelistcurrent 11 788x1297 virginia.edu

Core Lab Price List Template

irving irvinginstitute.columbia.edu

Free Medical Equipment Price List Template

whrc whrc.ucsf.edu

Stationery Price List Template

stationery pricelist 11 788x1019 pasadena.edu

Meeting Room Price List Template

event services avpricelist 2 11 788x1019 union.wisc.edu

Lab Services Price List Template

website cedars-sinai.edu

Tips for Using Price Lists More Effectively

Something else to keep in mind when using sample price list templates is the fact that you have a number of tips that could aid you in making and using these lists. These tips can go some way to guiding you so that you can make the most of such price lists and ensure that you are actually using them in a way that contributes to the success of your business. You can find similar tips applicable to most other kinds of templates, so it should come as no surprise that different price lists can receive the same assistance.

Be sure to update your lists whenever necessary

This is a given whenever you use any tools that are subject to any changes in your business operations. There are any number of reasons why your prices and items might change, but whatever the reason, you should be prepared to edit the lists in order to be sure that you are conveying correct information to your clients. This is why you should definitely consider using editable product list templates so that you can make any necessary changes more easily and make the job a more convenient one. After all, while this is primarily a convenience for your customers, this can also be a convenient measure on your part as well.

Be sure to include necessary information concerning your offerings

It is always prudent to provide as much complete information as you can when presenting your price list and associated items to your customer base. This is especially so in the case of controlled substances like drugs and alcohol. After all, it is usually a legal requirement that you provide a disclaimer so that your customers are aware of all the health risks of using such products. This could have less serious implications in the case of products like electronics. After all, your best customers are likely to be the most informed and discerning ones, hence the need to include complete information which could influence them to buy your products. After all, you can do so much more with your sample price list templates than just list your products and costs. For instance, you can use them to subtly influence your customers to patronize your business.

Always make sure to include your contact information

Strictly speaking, this is not quite a requirement for your service list templates to be able to do their jobs since the lists can present relevant information without having to provide your business’ contact details. However, as a marketing tool, it would be wise to include this kind of information in order to try and push your customers to do business with you. If your customers actually want to do business with you, it would help to include this kind of information so that it can be easier for them to actually come to you.

Be sure to check the formatting of your finished list

As with any other kind of document template, it is vital that your price list templates are formatted properly. While the template itself can give you a very basic framework for your finished list, it is up to you to make sure that the document is properly formatted. Your job would be to make sure that the list corresponds to the dimensions of the paper and conforms to basic standards of official business documents. After all, if you were to actually release such lists, then you would need to make sure that they reflect well on you as a business.

Be sure to use a price list template compatible with your actual business

One basic piece of advice to recall is that you always need to make sure that you choose a basic price list template compatible with your needs. After all, if you need a price list for services, then you could get the most out of a template for service-focused businesses rather than a retail price list template. This measure can serve to provide you with the highest possible convenience by saving you time rather than have you modify a less suitable price list template. This way you can have a template that is already very close to what you need so you need not change too much from the given list.

With any luck, you should be able to use these sample price list templates to help you conduct your business, no matter what it may be. After all, the very point of tools like these is to give you and your customer base as much convenience as possible.

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