8+ Prayer List Templates

There is always something and someone to pray for, and there is always another prayer. A good prayer list has all the offerings that you will ever need, neatly categorized according to type. There are prayers for the sick and prayers for the unhappy, and the twain shall never meet. Get your prayers organized with a free daily task list template that you can download and customize to your needs.

Daily Prayers List Template

daily prayers list template

stjamescroydon.org.au | With the help of this Daily Prayers list template, one would make a list of prayers that are to be part of a church. The memo looking document is comparatively more elaborate than other documents. With a specialised praying list table included in it, the template has sections like daily prayers, thanks giving prayers, praises, confessions as well as requests. One can fill the prayers for family members, church members, ministries as well as missionaries.

prayer list template

Printable Prayer List Template

printable prayer list template

chrysalisfamilyministries.org | A simple and sober document, printable prayers list template is an exemplar document that can also function as a utility doc. Concretely termed-prayers journal, this document contains umbrella headings for which the prayers should be done. For instance, in the space below each heading one can name the members for whom to pray. Download this free list online in PDF Format.

Free Prayer List Template

free prayer list template

therestored.org | A free prayers list journal template is another journal’s format for writing down the prayers. With a comparatively more appealing format and beautiful fonts, this template can be used to record prayers, confessions, praises as well as intercessions. One can add both comprehensive as well as specific prayers in this document and can keep them in front of the eyes while praying.

Weekly Prayer List Template

weekly prayer list template

100daysofprayer.org | A weekly prayers list template is another example of weekly prayers that should be used as a self-contained list of prayers. Listing a number of hundred prayers, this template is a useful document if one is to pray in church. Not merely for personal use, church’s priests, nuns and parishes can use this prayer list for their use as well. The users can download this document in PDF Format for free use.

Sample Catholic Prayer List Template

catholic prayer list template


Prayer List Template Word

prayer list template word


Catholic Church Prayer List Template Free Download

catholic church prayer list


These premium sample list templates are good for making sure you don’t miss out on a single part of your next sermon, especially if you’re the kind of person who likes to be prepared. Take a print out after you fill it up, and you’re all set.

> Why do We Need a Prayers List Template?

Churches, Parishes and other religious organisations need a list of prayers mentioning the requests and ordinances of its members. In every religion, prayers form a base of its functioning. The priests and nuns receive prayers from the members requesting them to pray. These prayers can be compiled together along with other comprehensive prayers in order to facilitate the same during praying hours. Thus these templates are helpful in the sense that they help one in writing down the prayers in a format.

> When do We Need a Prayers List Template?

Prayers list templates mentioned and collected in this portal are each designed by the experts in a manner that they try to include everything or every possible prayer. In fact some of the templates have a list of some 100 prayers that should be part of praying sessions. Religious organisations, specifically churches, can use these templates for writing down their prayers for a week, month or sometimes 3 months.

> What are the Benefits of Prayers List Templates?

Prayers list templates, as mentioned earlier, are comprehensive collection of templates containing a varied range of documents. these documents, some are filled already while others are to be filled according to one’s needs, help one ease the process of writing down these prayers on paper. This is why these templates are beneficial, primarily. Along with that, they are available for downloads directly, so one needs not get into the process of registering oneself, et al. Prayers list templates, are thus, time saving and cost saving collection of templates that can be availed by the user under one portal. These templates help one save energy on undue internet browsing. Here in this link, one finds a great range of prayers’ list. In fact one can also write down prayers in a format, listing prayers that are priority and that are to be done on specific days. The collection is in all a relief for the users. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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