List Templates – 105+ Free Word, Excel, PDF, PSD, Indesign Format Download!

List templates come handy when there are a lot of significant tasks lined up and you need to ensure that each of them is completed right on time. Our collection of list templates is versatile and can be passed down to anyone who wants to keep track of their jobs done. Just fill these templates before you forget any single task and ensure complete commitment to your work. Download them, customize them according to your preference and never forget your priorities

list templates

List Template Sample

We have a range of collection of list templates. All you have to do is, download them according to your need or just customize them according to your preference. Fill them up and do remember to carry a copy of these so that you can list all important things which you will never want to forget.

Mailing List Template

mailing list template

List Template Example

We can save you from a lot of trouble that you may face while customizing your list template to serve your purpose of downloading them. We have a huge collection of different varieties of list templates to help you find the one that would seem custom designed for your requirement.

Email List Template

email list template

Mailing List Template

mailing list template

Mailing List Request

mailing list request

List Template Format

Tired of searching for the perfect format that suits your list type! We have an awesome collection of various list formats that can help your hectic life run smooth. All you need to do is download them, fill them up and use them as checklists to keep note of your daily chores.

Emergency Contact List Template

emergency contact list template

Contact List Template Word

contact list template

Home Inventory List Template

home inventory list template

Free List Template In Word

If you wear specs because of cylindrical power and all these list templates designed in excel sheets with too many rows and columns give you a headache then we have the perfect lists for you, specially designed in word. These are very versatile, so you can also customize them easily as per your need.

Chemical Inventory List Template

chemical inventory list template

Task List Template

task list template

Daily To Do List Template

daily to do list template

Shopping List Template

Do you often think of buying something and then forget it due to your busy schedule? Do not worry, you are not the only one. We have the perfect solution for you. Just download one of these shopping list templates, maintain it and keep track of what you want to buy.

Blank Shopping List Template

blank shopping list template

Grocery Shopping List Template

grocery shopping list template

Grocery List Template Free

Shopping for groceries can get really hectic, esspecially if you tend to forget what you were supposed to buy because of the rush in grocery stores. We have a very simple way out, just download any of these free grocery list templates, fill it up and of course, do not forget to carry it to the grocery store.

Free Grocery List Template

free grocery list template

Diabetic Food Grocery List

diabetic food grocery list

Packing List Template

Going for a weekend or just an official trip…well, packing can be equally hectic in both the cases. We have an easy solution for you, just download one of these packing list templates, print it, fill it up and use it as a checklist to ensure that nothing escapes your mind.

Vacation Packing List Template

vacation packing list

College packing List Template

college packing list

Christmas List Template

A Christmas list template can save you from a lot of hassle and regret. This Christmas do not draw a blank face when someone asks you for a gift. Be Christmas ready with a Christmas list template. Just download one of these, fill it up and do not forget to carry it with you, the next time you head to the gift shop.

Class List Template

Organizing different groups of children in a school can cause distress and confusion. Our class list templates, which come in various formats, are ideal to resolve this confusion. Simplifying the process of organizing the classes, all you need to do is fill it in, print and utilize!

Sample Class List Template Free Download

class list template

Price List Template

Pricing is one of the most important aspects for a successful business. Having an easy to use and quick referral price list is mandatory. We have the perfect price list template for your company. With a variety of formats, select your favorite, print and ring in the moola!

Massage Envy Price List Template

massage envy price list template

Reference List Template

When submitting your CV updating your reference list is a necessity. The reference list templates that we have to offer you are ideal for this purpose. Simplifying the process of reference lists, all you need to do is fill in the data, print, attach the print out to your CV and you’re good to go.

APA Reference List Template

apa reference list template

Shot List Template

Time is of great essence when shooting a film. In order to avoid any delays in your shoot we have for your crew ideal shot templates. Offering a variety of formats one can fill, print and distribute these templates, which will guarantee absolute proficiency in the shot.

Camera Shot List Template

camera shot list template

Task List Template

Organizing our tasks itself a quite a task and in order to have all your tasks in place all you need is one of our ideal task list templates. Offered in a variety of formats all one has to do is select, fill up, print and execute!

Sample Task List Template

sample task list template

Wedding List Template

Your wedding is the most memorable event of your life, and the one thing you want is it to be perfect. To ensure this perfection we have for you the ideal wedding list templates, which will assist in getting all your data on a single sheet and avoid any delays, or confusion for your big day!

Wedding To Do List Template

wedding to do list template

Things To Do List Template

In our hectic lives, often we forget the small tasks have to complete in our day, such as picking up the dry cleaning. Our easy to fill in to do list template is ideal for those with exhausting schedules. Print out these templates today to ensure completion of all your daily odd jobs!

Free Things To Do List Template

free things to do list template

Contact List Template

Particularly for working parents who need to leave a list of emergency contact numbers for their children’s baby sitters, our contact list template with a simple and easy format are ideal to do the job. Fill it in, print it out and stick it to your refrigerator!

My Contact List Template

my contact list template

Home Inventory List Template

Moving homes is a tedious and stressful process. Taking inventory of stock is a must to ensure that nothing is left behind. Our simple format home inventory list is ideal for those shifting base. Fill it in print it out and tally it at the time of moving.

Household Inventory List Template

household inventory list

Chore List Template

Dividing the chores between the family members is essential to keep your home in order. The best way to accomplish this is using one of our many chore list templates to allocate specific chores to specific family members. Fill in this list, print it and stick it up on your refrigerator!

Kids Chore List Templates

kids chore list templates

Daily To Do List Template

Forgetting to pay bills and other apparently not-so-important works tend to get lost from our daily routine but the effects can be hazardous! To avoid any such ambiguity, maintain a diary with all the list of the day’s work. Keep ticking the works done and get back the next day for the pending ones.

Printable Daily To Do List Template

printable daily to do list

Construction Punch List Template

To keep a clear list about the assignments and the job responsibilities, create a customized constructive punch list which might contain all the information. You might also add the digital photos to make it more comprehensive. You must keep provisions for any required changes also maintain simple filters to get the data quickly.

Sample Construction Punch List Template

sample construction punch list template

Phone List Template

Although we have it all in our super-smart phones, but you never know when it should crash. Maintain a different database for all your contacts in case of any needs. You can customize the list by deleting the old numbers or may also add pictures and make groups according to your need.

Sample Phone List Template

sample phone list template

Mailing List Template

Be it a family occasion or corporate event, a detailed mailing list will help to invite the all the guests without the risk of missing out on anyone. You can add the address, contact numbers, and their alternate contacts along with the list to make it easier while sorting out.

Sample Mailing List Template

sample mailing list template

Email List Template

More a more disciplined approach towards working, make the email list to make sure you didn’t miss out on anyone. Be it your clients or your customers, keeping regular follow up with them will help to maintain a smooth professional link-up. Keep ticking the emails which are done with and follow-up for the rest.

Free Email List Template

free email list template

Employee List Template

No matter how big or small is the organization, a complete list of the employee is essential maintain the records. This list might include all the related information about the employee like his address, phone number, blood group, so that a single file can give the entire details in case of any issues.

Employee List Template Free Download

employee list template free download

Chemical Inventory List Template

If you are working as a laboratory assistant, there will be number of chemicals that you need to stock and handle. It is not possible to remember all the names of the bio-chemical, organic or the other physical chemicals which is when you might think of making a list before ordering for the samples.

Chemical Inventory List Template Free

chemical inventory list template free

Project List Template Word

When you are over-flooded with the day’s work, make sure you make a detailed list of all the projects that you need to finish. This will bring a discipline to your workflow and also help you achieve the deadline without getting mixed up with the pending works in the office.

Project List Template Word

project list template word

Media List Template

When you have to handle organizing big events, inviting media is nothing new. But with too many media in the call, it is better to make a checklist for all of them. It would be then an easier way to send out the invitations and also help in a systematic follow-up procedure.

Sample Media List Template

sample media list template

Salon Price list Template

Salon services not only means hair cutting but also a plethora of other services. So keep the price list handy for your customers who just come in for haircut but might be interested in other services after looking at the chart. You may also hang it outside to attract potential customers.

Sample of Salon Price List Template

sample salon price list template | This salon price list template will have logo of your salon on the top followed by details on your company. Finally, you have a full catalog citing product name, description, package & unit price.

Real Estate Listing Sheet Template

To help your potential buyers get a glimpse of your real-estate properties, it is wise to distribute these listings among them along with the flyers. Moreover, this systematic division can help to keep a track of the property dealings and other paper works which your employees need to take care.

Real Estate Listing Sheet Template Free Download

real estate listing sheet template free download

Medicine List Template

Are you the one responsible for buying the medicines for your family but those generic names appear Greek to you? So make a complete list of the medicines along with the related quantity and powers to avoid any ambiguity after buying. This would also help to keep a track of those which were not available.

Allergy Medicine List

allergy medicine list

Client List Template

To maintain a smooth calling system for the clients or for interviews, it is essential to create a client list. Following the date and time of the list, you can fix other itineraries. Moreover, you can add the online calendar which will help you remind of the next appointments and get prepared for the meetings.

The Client List Sample

the client list sample

Prayer List Template

To make a good start of the ceremony, make sure to jot down all the prayer songs you will perform. Following the same sequence of the prayers during rehearsals will automatically make you learn which one to follow. The list will also be helpful for the musicians to assist you and your choir.

Printable Prayer List Template

printable prayer list template

Asset List Template

No matter how much wealth you have, it is always precious to you. Be it your office properties or residential properties, it is necessary to keep a track of the wealth. Make a detailed listing of the items and their quantities, especially if you are shifting the residence or office address.

Current Asset List Template

personal asset list template

Company Asset List Template

company asset list template

More List Template

Free Vacation List Template Free Download