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Unclutter your life and spare your brain from making choices every time you make a purchase by simply using one of these like a shopping list template. These are very handy for those who miss out on something or the other every time they shop. These are also equally useful when planning for a big event.

> Task List Template

If you find it hard to carry out all your daily tasks on the go use these templates. You can use several like, one for the office and another one for personal or at home for daily or occasional chores like laundry, repair and more. These mainly include sections for including your task and check off boxes. (10+ Task List Template)

> Shot List Template

These are a huge range of templates meant for events related to shots like for photo-shoots, films and others. These may be as simple as the basic version, including date, production title, page, type of shot, scene and one line description sections as well as well detailed ones including lens, coverage, equipment, movement and more. ( 8+ Shot List Template)

> Chore List Template

These work great if you’re a stay at home mom/dad, working person, living with a roommate or in any other position that requires you to do your chores on time. These are perfect for figuring out everything you have to do and managing your time. List all your chores in the task sections and check off the boxes once you’re done. (10+ Chore List Template)

> Punch List Template

These templates are meant for use for apartments, school work projects, office projects, contractors and more. They are very handy as they allow the addition of tasks, management names, check off sections, descriptions of projects, category, date, area, company name, logo, discipline, project title and more. You can almost have all your project management details in just one list with these templates. (8+ Punch List Template)

> Class List Template

These are mainly meant for use in schools and can be used in K-12 schools and colleges as well. They are provided with grade sections along with class sections for noting the subject, teacher name space, long list space for filling in student names. They are not only used to keep data on the number of students in class for assigning projects, but also for keeping attendance if necessary. (15+ Class List Template)

> Medication List Template

These templates are not only meant for use by doctors, but can also be used for personal purposes like purchasing medicine for pharmacies and others. These are great for pharmacists and even if you’ve got patients in the house to take care of. The ones for informing doctors about the medications you’re currently under include dosage, reason, how often, pharmacy name a contact number and more. (10+ Medication List Template)

> Baby Shower Guest List Template

Whether you’re planning your own baby shower or a friend kind enough to throw your friend, mother-to-be one, you need one of these. They are great for keeping a track of the people you have invited, number of guests that will actually be attending, gifts if any and thank you note sent or not confirmation. (8+ Baby Shower Guest List Template)

> Reference List Template

You can easily get your hands on one of these templates for professional and personal use. They are meant to be used to have your emergency contacts all in one list based on categories for future professional or personal reference. These lists include name, address, and work details like positions in a company, work address, work contacts, personal contacts and personal residence. (10+ Reference List Template)

> Asset List Template

You can never go wrong with having an assorted list of your assets. If it’s for the company you represent or for your own personal use, these templates will surely help sort asset issues like generating money and keeping a track of them. For a company it may have several sections like aren’t asset, unit number, description of each type, replacement if any, money generated per annum and more. Sections vary according to purpose. (8+ Asset List Template)

> Wedding To Do List Template

Don’t stress out with last minute changes on your wedding; instead enjoy it by de-stressing by planning ahead with these to do lists. These templates are meant for adding tasks like guests‘ names, attending confirmation, booking hotels and event halls, catering, flowers and decorations, getting the dress delivered on time, sitting arrangements. Once you are done with all the tasks you’ve added you can check them off the list and relax. (8+ Wedding To Do List Template)

> Daily Task List Template

If you’ve been procrastinating and there are tasks you need to get to you need one of these. These are very basic templates meant for listing in tasks based on categories like house chores, shopping, cleaning, and maintenance and more that you can use to make sure you complete all your dailies that generally pile up over time. (8+ Daily Task List Template)

> Weekly To Do List Template

These weekly list templates are meant to help you prioritize your tasks that you need to get done on the weekdays or weekends. These are divided in all seven days of the week and detailed ones come with specific time slots for every day just a like a planner to help you with time-management. (8+ Weekly To Do List Template)

> Snag List Template

These snag sheets are designed for efficient office use to detect and keep an update on the remedies or actions taken. They can be used for site inspections, stocks, school reports, personal development and more. The ones meant for industrial use mainly include sections like substandard conditions, remedial action, actual completion date, respective manager’s signature, date and more. (8+ Snag List Template)

> Grocery Store Templates

It should not be happening to you again. You might have lost count of how many times you forget a thing or two every time you go to a grocery store. Don’t let this happen to you again, just download grocery store templates and you will have a list of grocery items within no time. (8+ Grocery Store Templates)

> Prayer List Template

By using sample prayer list templates people can create a list of their prayers. These templates are designed with the purpose to help people create a best prayer list for the coming religious occasion. You can download these templates which serve as ready-made stencil to create a list within no time. (8+ Prayer List Template)

> Project task List Template

Managing a team and multiple projects is sure a herculean task. Now you can streamline your daily and monthly work, along with any big a team, with the help of project task list template. You can download the free sample and make changes according to your requirement, to maintain better accountability, visibility and transparency. (10+ Project task List Template)

> Email List Template

Without a doubt, an email address is as important as a physical home address. With that in mind we need to have a list of important email addresses ready regardless of where we are. Email list template provides you a clean format wherein you can type in the contact details of people you know. (10+Email List Template)

> Attendance List Template

Class Attendance List Template Excel
Do you remember how many students attended the last Sunday school or how many people were there at the product launch meeting? Well, you can rely solely on your memory in such cases. Attendance list templates have clean table formats that can be used to get the initials and name of people who attended an event. (10+ Attendance List Template)

> Cleaning List Template

Proper management is essential to accomplish a task efficiently and effectively, it prevents us from rushing at the last minute and yet keeps the procedure simple. Properly manage your housekeeping and cleaning task through cleaning list templates, as it reminds you of what task needs to be done and when. (10+ Cleaning List Template)

> Action List Template

Action list templates can be used to manage and structure your staff around key deliverables. It enables you to keep a check on priorities, set the due date, status of on-going tasks, percentage complete, and name each task. Just download the sample template format and you are ready to go. (10+ Action List Template)

> Donation List Template

It is important to keep track of how much money is coming in and going where, even in an organization that runs on donations. Through donation list template you can easily maintain a record of people who have donated in your organization. Sample formats can be customized easily after download. (8+ Donation List Template)

> Baby Shower Gift List Template

It takes lot of planning and work to organize a baby shower party. Baby shower gift list template makes it easy for you to make a note of gifts received at your baby shower. After all, you will have to thank all those who have given the gift. Simple download, easy & quick customization and it is ready. (8+ Baby Shower Gift List Template)

> Equipment List Template

Do you run a business or maintain a warehouse? Have countless number of items to keep track of? Yes, you do have a good memory, but what if your miss. Don’t take chances with your business or work, download sample equipment list templates, customize and print. It is time now to empty your brain’s memory space. (10+ Equipment List Template)

> To Do List Template

The fast paced world we live in creates a situation where we are always on the move. In all the chaos, we sometimes tend to forget the odd jobs we have to complete in the day. Our ready to use to do list templates are the perfect for to organize your daily to do list. (13+ To Do List Template)

> Wedding Guest List Template

A wedding is the one function in which we send out an invite to almost everyone we know. Absent-mindedly forgetting to send a few invites is a major possibility. Our custom made wedding guest template list will assist you in getting your guest list organized! (10+ Wedding Guest List Template )

> Shopping List Template

When we take off on a long vacation, we have a million people back at home to bring back souvenirs for. Our cleverly created shopping list template will help you compile a list, so when you’re last minute shopping for souvenirs you don’t forget to pick up a loved one’s gift. (10+ Shopping List Template)

> Packing List Template

Packing for a long vacation can be an ordeal. You need a variety of your personal belongings, and there’s a fat chance of leaving a few things behind. Our smartly designed, easy to use packing list template will assist you in listing out everything you require, so you don’t forget a thing! (10+Packing List Template)

> Contact List Template

A list of emergency contact numbers is a must in every household, office and so on. We have for you a custom made contact template list, which just needs to be filled in, printed and distributed to all the departments of an office, or pinned on a board at your home. (8+ Contact List Template)

> Price List Template

When participating in conventions and exhibitions, you don’t always have access to your computers and pricing information. Our smartly designed price list template which just has to be filled in, printed and carried along to any such event, so you always have handy all your pricing information while interacting with prospective clients. (10+ Price List Template) These come in umpteen categories like for products, guest list for parties and events, packing and moving and more, each with date, time, product or guest name and various other relevant sections.

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