8+ Asset List Template – Free Sample, Example, Format Download!

Asset management is an extremely important function in business houses. However in order to ensure the impeccable management of assets, one needs to ensure the proper listing of all the existing asset templates. Our ready-made asset list templates are best suited to do the job. Smartly and professionally designed, these task list templates are made to ease the stress of asset management. You can also see more on Asset Maintenance Plans.

asset list templates

Sample Company Asset List Template

company asset list template

Business Asset List Template Free Download

business asset list template

Personal Asset List Template Free Download

personal asset list template

Asset List Template Excel Free Download

asset list template excel

Benefits of Asset Management:

With the right asset management in place, organizations have plenty more benefits. These benefits are as follows:

  • Good Business Practice: Asset management give you better decisions. It aligns the management of infrastructure with policy and direction that will support the long-term success of the entity’s goals and objectives. Take a look at the asset management plan on the internet for more.
  • Improved Reliability: Asset management has more structured day-to-day attention to system assets and their conditions mean there can be unexpected failures, but they less likely to happen. Thus, this minimizes emergency repairs, costly lawsuits, and other customer relations problems. You can also see more on Asset in  PDF.
  • Long Term System Integrity: The concept of this benefit is gaining increased visibility, probably due to the problems in many places across the world. By relating costs to asset conditions and conducting long term, planning for each and every asset you have. List in Google Docs can help you make lists in the form of documents.
  • Cost Savings: There is evidence that asset management systems usually maintain infrastructure in a reliable condition and are mainly based on minimizing life cycle costs. A life cycle approach means that the entity/utility gets the most number of assets from its money. The Sample list templates that are on the internet can help you make any kind of list you need with ease.
  • Eligibility for Federal Funding: The apparent need for increased infrastructure spending linked with concern over the quality of its management can lead to a range of different provisions. This can also include asset management basic plans.

List of Fixed Assets

list of fixed assets

Sample Intangible Assets List Template

intangible assets list

Asset List Template

asset list template

Fixed Assets List Template

fixed assets list


With the help of the sample templates that are mentioned in this article, you can make the best-needed simple list of all the assets you own, so that you do not miss anything when needed. Take a look at the asset worksheet available on the internet for more. Also, since they are available in many file formats, you have the liberty to pick the format that suits you best. Save plenty of time, energy and effort as you fo not have to make such lists from scratch! You can also see more on Sample Price Lists.

Available in a large variety of formats, select the design template of your choice, fill it in, print it out and your asset list is compiled and ready for reference. Be rest assured, this is the easiest and quickest way to keep track of all the assets owned by your company! See more list templates for more. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

General FAQs

1. What is an Asset List?

An asset list is a list of all the assets your organization has. A company lists all its assets on a balance sheet. An asset is any resource that is owned by a business. It represents the value of ownership, that can be converted into cash later when needed the most.

2. Why should one have Assets?

Assets are items that hold high economic value and are converted into cash if and when required. You can buy an asset and store the wealth until you are ready to resell it for a better profit. Assets are very helpful when an individual or company is in a dire need of money.

3. What are some of the common Assets in the business world?

The most common asset categories of the business world include:

  • Cash and cash equivalents
  • Accounts receivables
  • Inventories and prepaid expenses of products/services provided
  • Investments for short and long-term
  • Property and equipment assets
  • Trademarks and patents of the individual/company
  • Allowance of doubtful accounts
  • Supplies, etc.

4. What is the purpose of Asset Management?

Asset management is the process of developing, operating, maintaining and selling assets of an individual or a company. Correctly identified assets are very critical for the survival of a company. An asset is a resource that is controlled by an large organization for future economic benefits in a target market in a cost-effective manner.

5. How can you make an effective Asset List?

Make an asset list with the following steps:

  • Decide on a management system to keep a record of all the assets
  • List out all your physical assets
  • Create a list of the financial assets
  • Document all personal information
  • Description of the items in detail
  • Attach proof of ownership and other required documents.