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26+ Copyright Notices – DOC, PDF

A copyright notice is a mark of authenticity of a particular creation and works to protect it from plagiarism. If you too want to protect your creation with copyright, you have to get a copyright notice. In case, you need help in creating a proper copyright notice, you can opt for DMCA Notice Templates available over the internet. A lot of sites offer them for free.

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How to Write a Copyright Notice?

Free Notice Templates for copyright is available in market to design a perfect’ infringer-claim’ free documents. However, it’s not a tough task to write a copyright notice, you just have to take care of the four elements:

  • 1. The copyright symbol: Use a proper symbol that is visible and recognizable in order to claim copyrights of your object.
  • 2. The year of creation is accurately listed to avoid any sort of confusion in case of any claim or conflicts.
  • 3. The name of the author, developer or creator must be addressed exactly as it was used in other official purpose.
  • 4. Finally, right statements that resist the other from copying it and indicates the rights you hold in the work.

What is Included in the Copyright Notice?

The copyright notice is the culmination of your creation. You should never leave any essential information related to copyright unwritten in your copyright page. The use of perfect Copyright Notice Templates make the job easier as they enlist all the vital information to be included in your copyright announcement. Here is what to include in a copyright notice:

  • 1. Name of the site, object or work which is being protected against copying.
  • 2. Year of the copyright claim.
  • 3. Type of the copyright notice
  • 4. Publisher, author or creator of the work.
  • 5. Link, ISBN or registration number – depends upon the object being copyrighted.
  • 6. Copyright of the source used.
  • 7. Place or location of claiming copyright. 8. Right statements in detail.

What are the Three Elements of a Copyright Notice

The three basic element of a copyright notice are:

  • 1. The symbol: The symbol of copyright must be used in the Separation Notice Templates in order to identify and recognize the claim. The symbol is basically the letter C in circle or can also be abbreviated as “Copr.”
  • 2. Year of Publication: The year of first publication of the work and the revision date in case of multiple modifications. The appropriate format of the notice include the phrase “Unpublished Work” and the year of creation.
  • 3. Name of the owner: The name of the person who claims the right must be included in copyright notice.

How do you Write a Letter of Resignation?

Below are the steps to be followed while writing resignation letter. You can also use samples such as Engineering, Marketing or Medical Resignation Letter Templates to create a quick letter.

  • Always address correct person, may be your HR or your manager.
  • State the position you are leaving.
  • Proper effective date: Clearly mention your last date, it will help your superiors to find your replacement and get them trained.
  • Include willingness to help the new person during all transitions in your spot resignation letter.
  • State Thank you to manager and the team for the experience and opportunity: Mention you had a positive influence working out there, it will leave a positive last experience.
  • Nice closure with a kind note: wrap up with your contact details.

How do I Approach my Boss with my Resignation Email Letter?

It is important to show courtesy by telling your boss about your resignation plan. You can request a meeting for the same, which is followed by your resignation email letter. Do check the Resignation Letter Templates and Examples before drafting a mail, this helps you to follow the basics and what to include in your resignation letter. Keep your mail short, crisp and to the point explaining the valid reason for leaving in polite manner. Always thank your employer and mention their role in your career-building. State your willingness to handover and also let him know in person well in advance.

How to Write a Resignation Letter to HR Manager?

While leaving a job it is important to drop a resignation letter to your HR manager so that he/she can proceed with further documentation and recruiting process. Depending upon your trade you can use samples like Production, Management or Retail Resignation Letter Templates to frame a perfect resignation letter. Follow below tips while writing resignation to HR manager: Keep it simple and straightforward by following all basics of business letter. Write a formal statement of resignation and reason for the same. Give your proposed end date. Avoid negativity and always include the positive experience and future aspects with employer.


Whether it’s an employee resignation letter or Sample Board Resignation Letters, its serve an important purpose and courtesy towards employer. The sole purpose of resignation letter is to convey your intention to leave from the current position in the organization. Such a letter can be taken as notice that results in legal action to terminate an appointment with the employee. Resignation letter in advance is helpful in different kind of arrangement such as notice period negotiation, earlier effective date, improve terms and condition or sometime withdrawal of the letter. It also helps to serve the purpose of exit interview, which can be scheduled as per the details in resignation letter.


Copyright protection provide a crucial protection of many intellectual works. The benefits of copyright includes: No one exploit the work without paying royalty or remuneration to the owner. Provide economic right to control the use of protected material. Provide moral rights to the creator and prevents making copies and any kind of public display. Create favorable climate to execute economic activity. The effective resignation letter can be created by using various templates like Sample Contractor Resignation Letters, Employee resignation letter, Board member resignation letter and many more. It can be broadly use to leave a position currently held in office within organization. It is usually a first-step to quit your job. The resignation letter is used to convey the appropriate reason and necessary information related to employee role. This is also consider as an effective way to inform the separation in advance and thank your employer for the opportunity. Use the Notice Template to deliver the resignation in a proficient manner. Such free notice template will eliminate any hassle of creating the entire copyright notice from scratch by offering a pre-structured silhouette of such a notice. Your task is to download the notice and customize it according to your typical specifications.

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