19+Sample Eviction Notice Templates

An eviction notice is issued by a landlord to a tenant asking the tenant to evict from the place within a set deadline. Are you a landlord who would have to issue an eviction notice on door to your tenants? Well, to make the task easier, you can go for notice to vacate template samples available over the web. A lot of sites offer these templates free of charge.

Eviction Notice Word Template

This eviction notice word template as the name suggests, is a word template for an eviction notice. It includes the name of the community, street address, city and state’s name, contacts, tenants names, tenants address, tenants apartment number, city and state’s zip, the notice in brief, and the name of the property manager.

Eviction Notice Issued by a Court Template

buzzle.com | This eviction notice issued by a court template, as the name suggests, is a template of an eviction notice that has been issued by a court. It includes the name, address, name of the city or state, contact number, of the landlord (plaintiff) and the tenant (defendant) along with the number of the case, the details of the notice of the eviction.

Letter of Eviction Notice Template

This letter of eviction notice template, as the name suggests, is a template of a notice of eviction, in the format of a letter. It includes the address of the property, the date of the notice, the details of the notice, and the signatures of the owner.

Eviction Notice to Tenant Template

This eviction notice to tenant template, as the name suggests, is a template of a notice of eviction which is to be provided to tenant to be evicted. It includes the date, name of the tenant, address of the rental unit and the details of the eviction.

30 Days Printable Eviction Notice Template

Best Eviction Notice Template


Eviction Notice Form Template


Example of Eviction Notice To Landlord Template

7 Days Eviction Notice Template


Eviction Notice Sample Template

Eviction Notice Template


Notice of Eviction for Nonpayment


Eviction Notice Format Template

Eviction Warning Notice Letter

eviction-notice-templates eviction-warning-notice-letterthelpa.com

Sample of Baby Eviction Notice


3 Day Eviction Notice PDF Download


Blank Eviction Notice Form Example


Free Section 21 Eviction Notice Template


Affidavit of Service of Eviction Notice


> What Are Eviction Notice Templates?

Eviction quite simply means the removal of a tenant from a premise that he previously occupied. A formal document which states the imminent removal of a tenant of a property, from the rental property, by the landlord of the property, is called an eviction notice. The notice of eviction may be conditional or unconditional in nature. As in it might be served due to the fulfillment or non fulfillment of certain predefined conditions, or it may be just generalized.

What Are The Benefits Of Eviction Notice Templates?

Eviction notice templates are very beneficial for the following reasons:

  • They are recognized documents by the law.
  • It provides peace of mind because otherwise an eviction process is very stressful.
  • It assures safety for the tenant as well, he gets sufficient time to find another place.
  • It is an inoffensive way of dealing with a tricky situation
  • It eases out the process of eviction.

How To Prepare Eviction Notice Templates?

Eviction notice templates are very easy to prepare and can be pared by anyone and everyone, but what use is such a template to everyone? So it is only prepared by people who have a property that is rented and for some reason wants his tenant to vacate the premises. The format is pretty easy, it is to be framed in the style of a letter, with the details of the receiver on top and the details of the sender at the bottom

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