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Notice is usually used in many things, but it is common to be utilized for broadcasting and caution to a person that there is an impending danger or vacation. Notice templates can be seen in many places like in house bills, bank debts or construction areas. It alarms people to take action to a specific warning to prevent them from nay danger or problem.[no_toc]

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> Notice to Vacate Template


Notice is used to give information as a sign of warning and impart a notification that there is an upcoming trouble. Notice to vacate is used when a landlord wants their tenants to be evicted the said premises or the tenant themselves wants to leave the property.

There are some reasons why this notice is done, most common is due to not payment of the rental fee, other is due to breaking some lease agreement and the tenants just want to move on to other premises by the landlord due to personal reasons. (10+ Notice to Vacate Templates)

> Notice of Resignation Template


Notice of resignation template is a letter sent by employee to their employer or human resource officer regarding their plan to leave their current job or position, this letter is sent two weeks minimum before leaving a company.

Many employers see this notice as formal and harmonious letter to have their employee to leave the company with ease, it also have messages for gratitude for the opportunity given to them by their employers and the companionship given to them by their coworkers although this notification is sent through writing, an exit interview is also done to have a personal conversation about the resignation between the employer and employee. (10+ Notice of Resignation Templates)

> Two Weeks’ Notice Template


Two weeks’ notice template is the common practice when an employee is leaving a firm or company, this is the notice seen in the employment world to aware their employer or human resource officer that their staff is leaving them. Employee may follow this custom before leaving their current job, it can be also depends on the employment agreement that they signed. (12+ Two Weeks Notice Templates)

> Eviction Notice Template


Eviction notice template comes when the boarder is forcefully removed from the landlord’s property despite legal actions taken from the notice to vacate to lawsuit until the boarder is forcefully extracted to move out of the property.

Every place have their own jurisdiction depending on the case of the occupant and landowner agreement for renting the property, there must be a legal grounds for the landowner to make the lodger leave so the law enforcers will have a basis for evicting the renter. (10+ Eviction Notice Templates)

> Death Notice Template


Notice is similar to a reminder that provides information to the concerned party regarding a certain topic. Death notice template is used and commonly appears in the obituary part found in the newspaper; they inform the public regarding the death of someone, showing some personal backgrounds of the deceased.

Picture of the deceased is shown with details of the funeral; this is only done when relatives of the deceased want to inform other people about the death of their love ones. (10+ Death Notice Templates)

> Tenancy Notice Template


Tenancy notice template is the possession of a property whether it is a land, house or a building in which the title of ownership has been transferred to a new one. There are many causes for this like payment from debt or to personal agreement between the leaser and the lessee; it contains the details of the property and the name of the new owner. (10+ Tenancy Notice Templates)

> Termination Notice Template


Termination notice template is considered as an official document informing the employee that he or she is officially laid or terminated to his or her current job position. There are reasons for preparing this kind of letter; it may be due to the end of the contract, too many violations in which termination is the consequence from the offenses committed or poor performance in the job. (10+ Termination Notice Templates)

> Notice of Meeting Template


Notice of meeting template is an authorized document indicating an important meeting of shareholders or board members meeting will took place.

This template states the time, place and the attendees of the meeting; this is only given to the high ranking members of a company to which the meeting will disclose private and confidential information of a company under certain regulations. (10+ Notice of Meeting Templates)


Copyright notice template is a note found in the reading materials such as book, novel or similar to it in which intellectual property is being limited to its use, distribution and production by the original owner under the regulation of law which allows it. It protects the right of the owner to his/her creation it is governed by the copyright law of a place jurisdiction. (10+ Copyright Notice Templates)

> Late Rent Notice Template


Late rent notice template is done by the landlord telling the tenants that the due payment for the lease is already delayed; it may also include the penalties due to the delay of payment or it can be the start for evicting the tenant in the rented house or property. It must be given to the tenant a day after the due payment must be given to the landlord. (10+ Late Rent Notice Templates)


Digital millennium copyright act notice template is the notification about the violation of copyright to a device, technology or content from a website; it includes any infringement to any rights to the works of online users to their creation or invention in which an initial punishment will be given if ignored. (12+ DMCA Notice Templates)

> Funeral Notice Template


Funeral notice template can be interchange with an obituary in which the picture and details regarding the funeral of a deceased is published to the public which usually seen in newspapers. A part of a newspaper indicates the date of birth and death of the deceased with personal messages by their loved ones to the decease. (8+ Funeral Notice Templates)

> Resignation Notice Template


Resignation notice template is the confidential letter sent by an employee to his/her employer in which notifies them about leaving their current job; usually it is given to employers two weeks before their quit, this letter tells the reason for their resignation and shows gratitude to them and co workers.(10+ Resignation Notice Templates)

> Privacy Notice Template


Privacy notice template is the legal document specifying the disclosure of personal information of a person or client; it tells what detail that has been collected by a firm can be shared to others and what are stored privately; clients are given by this for perusal before they share their personal information to companies or like today in social websites. (10+ Privacy Notice Templates)

> Notice to Quit Template


Notice to quit is the written letter of the landlord to tenants informing them to leave the private property immediately or to pay the due rent fee and correct any violations in the rental agreement before they are forcefully evacuated in the premises. It includes the reason for the eviction and the possible consequences if the tenant won’t leave the premises on the specified date. (10+ Notice to Quit Templates)

> Notice Letter Template


Notice letter template is an official piece of paper updating a person regarding the current status of his/her application to a certain service, due payment for a certain debt, alert to a recent incident in their area or to aware to a pertinent event in which their attendance is needed. (10+ Notice Letter Templates)

Now that we have templates readily available in the website, we can easily use to create a notice form according to one’s need and requirement. There are various types of notice templates that we can utilize at an affordable price and allows us to customize the samples featured.

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