21+ Web Analytic Tools & Real-Time Tracking!

What is the performance of your site? How Google see your site? Where is your site ranking in a Google index?
Web Analytic Tool helps to know about these questions raised in your mind if you are website owner. You can also see Code Analysis Tools

Web Analytic Tool , analyze quantitative and qualitative data of your website. Give a detail statistics about your visitors. You can find the location of your visitor, what they are mostly searching and how regular they are? . you will find the detailed report about each and every thing. With these report you can have continual improvement about your website. It takes you to your desired objective.

Following are the Best Web Analytical Tools Available over Internet.

Google Web Analytic Tool

SpringEngage Web Analytic Tool

Woopra Real-Time Web Analytics Tracking

Clicky Real Time Web Analytics Tool

Mint Real-Time Stats Wen Analytic Tool

Crazy Egg Tool to Track Your Visitors

Compete Web Analytics Tool

Optimizely Web Analytics Tools

4Q iPerceptions Web Analytic Tool

ClickTale Qualitative Customer Web Analysis

GoSquared Powerful Web Analytic Tool

Kissmetrics Analytics Built to Optimize Marketing

Mixpanel Advanced Mobile & Web Analytics

FoxMetrics: Customer Analytics and Real-time Personalization

FoxMetrics: Customer Analytics and Real-time Personalization

Inspectlet – Website Heatmaps Analytic Tool

GoingUp Free Web Tracker Tool

Website Optimization With Etracker Tool

Grape Web Statistics Analytic Tool

AT Internet’s Analytics Suite for Digital Intelligence

Webtrends: Website Measurement & Analytics

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