39+ Award Certificate Templates

Awards certificates are one of the best forms of recognition and motivation that can provided to anybody. Irrespective of the field one is working in, awards have a very motivating effect on a person. However designing these documents is no joke. They are the documents that must invoke inspiration and also reverence. However with the fabulous range of award templates you can easily create one of the most dignified and authentic award certificates that are fit for the best category of certification. You may also see Certificate Template.

Prize Appreciation Certificate Template


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Prize Achievement Certificate Template


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Prize Excellence Certificate Template


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Prize Winning Certificate Template



Prize Winning Certificate Template


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Prize Winner Training Certificate Template


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Free Running Award Certificate Template


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Free Training Excellence Award Certificate Template


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Free Art Award Certificate Template


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Free Cheerleader Award Certificate Template


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Free Kids Sports Award Certificate Template


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Free Martial Arts Award Certificate Template




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Free Running Award Certificate Template


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Free Soccer Award Certificate Template


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Certificate of Prize Award Achievement

Certificate of Prize Achievement

This prize certificate template with a white, black and orange theme looks great and well organised. The textual elements on the template are not only customisable but also well defined.

Appreciation Award Certificate

Appreciation Prize Certificate

This certificate comes with a minimalistic layout. The design has been kept simple and to the point. Also, the generous splashes of red add to the charm of the template.

Certificate of Prize Award Excellence Template

Certificate of Prize Excellence Template

This certificate would be perfect as a prize certificate. It comes with the format all ready for you. You will just have to edit the minute details on it and then print it.

Award Winner Certificate Template

Prize Winner Certificate Template

This template comes in a Word or PSD format, a print ready layout, a standard size with bleed, a CMYK colour mode, high resolution of 300 dpi, and easy customization of text and color.

Premium Award Certificate Download

Prize Winner Training Certificate Download

The black and white theme maintained throughout this certificate template makes it look sophisticated, classy and elegant. It comes with a dignified design and a layout that is easy to edit.

What’s more, you can even let these templates supplement any cash or other awards that you have in store for the players, something that will make your presentations of gifts and prizes to players look absolutely top notch. Save loads of time by using this list as a collection of the best free award templates that you can edit and print as per your convenience.

Office Templates

  • 38918200

This is a template that is the most suitable for the purpose of creating one of the paramount formats of generating a great award certificate. The template design has a very neat and dignified look and can be used as the ideal design for a professional and corporate corticated for distinction at work.

Office Templates

  • 13001866

The design of this layout has a neat and corporate look. The border and also the background theme of the template are very attractive yet simple. The template can support the information of the name of the recipient and also the arena for which he is being awarded and recognized. The template is fully editable and changes can be made with ease.

Reading award Certificate Template

  • 76270727

The look of the template design is very unique and also simple. The essentially green theme is very soothing. The template design is provided with hundred percent responsive features. Navigating through the template is very easy. The template can support the information o the name of the recipient of the award and the category of the award.

Art Award Certificate Template

  • 36764150

This template can be used for the purpose of awarding the children for their art and drawing excellence. The background theme is simple yet attractive. The template can support graphic illustrations. The color play is an interesting one. The templates are fully editable that will allow any type o changes.

Achievement Award Certificate Template

  • 73394131

This is a template that can be use to create award certificates that will be suitable for corporate houses as well as for academic purposes. The theme of the template design will be simple and yet effective. The template has a great resolution range that will allow the user to get very good quality of printouts. The templates are available in the form of word doc and also PDF. They are very easily downloadable.

Free Printable Award Certificate Template Download

  • 26429721

Most Valuable Player Sports Award Certificate Template

  • 71097243

Award Certificate Template Word

  • 62389570

Excellence Award Certificate Template

  • 19846682

Free Printable Award Certificate Template

  • 52935338

Contribution Award Certificate Template

  • contribution award certificate template

Printable Award Certificate Template Download

  • award certificate template11

Excellence Award Certificate Template

  • certificates of excellence

Blank Award Certificate Template

  • certificate template1

Clean Award Certificate Template

  • clean certificate template

Appreciation Award Certificate Template

  • best choice certificate template

Multipurpose Modern Award Certificate

  • multipurpose modern certificate

Simple Award Certificate Template

  • simple certificate template

Sample Award Certificates Template

  • simple certificates template1

Modern Award Certificate Template

  • modern certificate template1

Use and Purpose of Award Templates?

The Award Templates are a base or a background which is produced so that some of the most eye-catching award certificates can be formed that will be celebrating performance excellence. These certificates are apt for corporate use and recognition.

How to Create An Award Template?

The following tips can be remembered at the time of making an award template:

  • The background or the central theme of the template has to be very simple.
  • The font style that is used has to be of such so that the certificate must look special and valuable.
  • There has to be a certain austerity about the template design.
  • If it is for children then a cheerful feel has to be inserted.
  • The illustrations must be relevant.
  • The templates must have a good resolution range so that good printouts can be made available.


The biggest benefit of the award templates is that they present a professional structure on the basis of which an excellence certificate can be made. It savers the time of the user who can start straight away on his job.


The award templates are an excellent frame that can be used by anybody for making a great award certificate. This is a design that can be easily downloaded from the internet and can employ for corporate and academic purposes. They can also be employed to create awards for painting, drawing and other art forms. The user can get it in the forms of word doc and also that of PDF.

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