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Typography Fonts plays an essential part in accomplished user experience, and to bring this into reality you need access to professional, stylish and modern fonts. For any stream be it is designing, wedding, creative or employment, it is essential to keep up with latest trends of the industry.

> Times New Roman might get you your next job

Font choice for resume may seem ignorable due to its significance. Writing experts also believes that it is really important to choose a good font to get the entire focus of the employer over your accomplishments you have mentioned. No one could deny the fact that a distracting font can spoil your achievements. Lying under the category of top Professional Fonts, Times new roman is easily readable and can keep the reader’s eyes intact on the content.A senior H.R recruiter Samantha Howie Maximum Management Corp. of New York also mentioned in his post that Times Roman is one of the most apt fonts for resume writing.

Amazing Professional Font TTF Download

amazing professional font ttf download

professional font

Venice Seri Professional Font OTF Download

venice seri professional font otf download

Dazzle Professional Font Download

dazzle professional font download

Professional Vintage Font OTF Download

professional vintage font otf download

Metropolis Professional Font Family OTF Download

metropolis professional font family otf download

Professional Serif Font Download

professional serif font download

Futurr Professional Font Download

futurr professional font download

EB Garamond Regular Font TTF Download

eb garamond regular font ttf download

Decuman Professional Font TTF Download

decuman professional font ttf download

SplinterWood Font Free Professional Font Download

splinterwood font free professional font download

Nonesuch Strong Professional Font Download

nonesuch strong professional font download

Arimo Bold Font TTF Download

arimo bold font ttf download

Eco Hand Made Professional Font TTF Download

eco hand made professional font ttf download

Coolvetica Professional Font

coolvetica professional font

EB Garamond Italic TTF Font Download

eb garamond italic ttf font download

Time Burner Professional Font Download

time burner professional font download

Western Professional Font TTF Download

western professional font ttf download

Constantine Trajan Font Download

constantine trajan font download

> Generate Unbelievable Website Traffic with these Professional Fonts

  • Garamond- Quite graceful and intuitive, it is one of the most reader-friendly fonts. The straight-forward Garamond is typically used by content developers, website designers, magazines makers, online textbook writers. Numerous versions of Garamond can be found. A German Publication declared it as the second best font for long bodied text.
  • Helvetica- Giving a timeless feel to the website, this is a no-frill Retro Font. A straight-forwards and elegant Helvetica is majorly used by professionals for web content designing. The font can be relied to illustrate and communicate messages that demands clear understanding.
  • Ariel- A hugely popular font style that is perpetually a “safe bet” for creating creative web content. One can showcase a clean and creative pattern through this style with this professional font for websites. It is even approved for professional layouts by Brian Hoff- a Typeface expert.

> Brandon Grotesque for modern Graphic Designing

Influenced by geometric sans-serif style, the aesthetically eye-catchy font is widely used by many modern websites currently. Brandon is really supportive in developing visual hierarchy as it is available in many weights. The legible, trendy and neat Brandon can be combined with a serif font to create some seriously amazing graphic stuff. The professional font free download can be obtained as an Adobe CC member, which provides you with the permission to a wide range of other fonts as well.

> Museo Sans for Outstanding Reading Experience

It is a warm and a good-looking that is hugely seen in modern day’s websites. Museo Sans when combined with a serif font serves a reading experience. Fast Company and All Saints are one of the few best examples of Museo Sans application. Adobe CC is the medium to get free access to this one.

> Raleway – a Photographer’s Delight

A sophisticatedly beautiful Google font which was created only in one weight initially, but further got elaborated to 9 weight families. Another geometric inspired sans-serif style can be used for numerous kinds of web designing as it has got versatility in its personality. Raleway is suitable for photographers too to use it on their portfolio sites and it goes good with sans-serif also.

> Fall into Limelight with Playfair Display- a Highlighter Font

The name says it all and thus it is easily understood that this serif font is meant for headlines and titles. This Modern Font can create an alluring visual feel on the web when paired with sans-serif fonts. It is a trendy and a professional Google font that can be easily paired with various other fonts like Roboto, Raleway etc for tasty visual effects.

> How to use different Professional Fonts for Corporate use

Moderation is the trick to play with professional fonts. It requires being engaging but not too recreational. Be professional but not fundamentally simple. Be trendy but not exorbitant.

  • Use the fonts for forwardness and optimization that have the appearance of efficiency. Like Font Futura is mainly used for corporate typefaces, Photography Logo designs, huge displays and in reading books or novels where small text is required. The font represents Bauhaus design style as it is based on geometric shapes that have a close proximity to exact triangles, squares or circles.
  • To bring decorative element to text, headlines or logos use the imaginative power to apply a font that has un-bracketed serifs, is flat or has a thin underline that is best to highlight a tagline. The geometrically appeared fonts that have a contrast of thick and thin strokes can play a high note game.
  • Some fonts are meant only for specific formal occasions so cannot be blatantly used for any corporate task.
  • For creating a distinctive impact on readers use fonts that are neither rigidly humanistic nor geometric in construction.

> Fields that can Benefit with Professional Fonts usage

  • For PowerPoint presentation and making excel sheets. Professional fonts for PowerPoint can make the slides talk themselves when applied intellectually. Like Arial font is mush in use for excel and PPT.
  • Movie posters that needs illustrative and large views. Trajan which is based on Roman square capitals designing is widely used for Hollywood movies poster making.
  • For printing and publishing houses
  • For writing curvy and trendy menus in hotel industry.
  • Anything scarcely to do with law, marriage, religion or class.

> Trending Professionalism in Style

If you are looking to be the avant-garde in the corporate sector by adding a zest to of modernity to the uptight professional codes then the different serif0sans fonts are just for you. Amazingly tasteful, interesting, fashionable and Professional Writing Concepts can be created with unique combination of professional fonts. Always keep into account that not all readable, clear and straight-forward fonts can be used for professional writing. Some clearly readable typefaces are absolutely not for corporate usage like a Comic Sans, which is literally used for comic books content creation.