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34+ Photography Logos – Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

Logos play a very important role to help graphics designers achieve success. With photography logos, graphics designers can create their niche and differentiate from others. A good logo carries a positive vibe with it and makes a brand more marketable and popular. It takes a lot of creativity to create a memorable cool logo. It is perhaps the first and major visual element a viewer notices on a website or any graphics design such as a business flyer or pamphlet.

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It must be catchy so that the viewer gets attracted and delves deep into the photography design. Just like a good photo holds the attention of a person, the psd logos you design should serve the same purpose. It must carry similar vibrancy and enthusiasm one feels when they relive old moments through photographs.

> Understand he Basic Purpose Your Logo

Photography is a very vast theme. There are many genres of photography and one needs to understand it so that the logo they create is accurate and creates a greater impact. An accurately designed logo is very powerful and conveys the exact message to the viewer that you want to say. There are many kinds of photography such as wildlife, wedding, fashion and many more. With the use of appropriate fonts and related design elements, your logo design will be more to the point and will be more useful and beneficial.

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> The Perfect Tone of Colours Increases the Appeal of a Logo

Colours play a major role in photography and as well as in photography logos. Black and white to colourful, every type of photographs has its own virtues and so do the logos. You must carefully select the colour palette for your logo because a logo can change drastically just due to the colour pattern of the logo.

> The Presence Of Texts Must Be Well Balanced

A logo is not just about the graphics it uses. Texts or typography plays an equally important role in uplifting the standards of a logo. You must choose the font type, size, spacing and other factors very carefully. A poorly selected font can destroy the entire appeal of a beautiful free logo. You should choose the best font depending on the nature of photography the logo is related to so that it blends in perfectly with the theme to make an attractive yet powerful logo.

The Versatility of a Logo is a Very Important Concern

A logo is a shorthand representation of an institution or a business. A photography logo can be used anywhere starting from on a photo to a photo album to the website or on custom t-shirts. You must make sure that your logo design looks good and is quite easily legible when it is used on a bigger scale like on a t-shirt or on a smaller scale when it is used on a photo. The message should be clearly visible no matter which proportion it is used in and must be equally attractive to gain a viewer’s attention.

The Elements of a Logo Must be Blended to Achieve Unification

A logo is build from many different elements such as the graphics, the text and other small details. Although these are various different elements, you need to remember that together they will represent one single design. That is why these various elements must be blended in a way such that they unify to make the whole logo look like a single collection of various different elements. A logo which does not look unified will distract the viewer and the exact message that you want to convey will not be conveyed due to the logo’s haphazard nature. A unified logo looks smooth and eye soothing and also creates an interest in the viewer to know more about your work.

Customization of a Logo – for Best Results

A photography logo is the graphical representation of your work. It describes everything about what you do as a photographer. Downloading and using templates for your logos is not at all a good idea. Such logo templates are available on plenty of websites and they will not help you in creating a mark at all. Instead, spend some time in choosing the right graphics and fonts to create your own logo which will be a reflection of your work. You can try blending of fonts or using certain specific aspects of a big picture to give that personalised touch which will separate you from the crowd.

The Key Points to a Good Photography Logo


A logo must be very simple. People often do not understand the message behind a complex logo and gets confused. Your logo must be simple so that anyone can understand your message in a moment.


Everyone remember things which attract them. You should design a logo in such a way so that they remember your logo for a long time. This will result in them remembering your work.


You should design a logo in such a way so that it still looks trendy and attractive 20 years later. Remember, your designed logo will be the face of your photography for the rest of your career.

The Logo must be Apt

Remember that your logo will be used for professional marketing instead of personal ones most of the times. So while designing try to make a logo which will be more easily accepted professionally instead of making a more informal logo.

The Essence of Photography must be Preserved

The first factor which the logo will represent is photography. So the ultimate goal you need to achieve in designing your logo is to preserve this essence of photography in it. It must reflect your love and dedication for your work and the beauty of photography in itself. These are a few quick tips on how to design your own photography logos. Keep these points in mind and you will get very good results the next time you design a photography logo.

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