27+ Best Psychedelic Artwork Collection for your Inspiration

Psychedelic artwork adds a very popular theme to your project and lends a certain ethereal transcendence to your work. Psychedelic artwork is mostly done in multi-colour, to enhance the psychosis the clients are looking into. Using 3D techniques and different perspectives, the pictures will show a depth that goes beyond the 2D surface they are painted on.

A great idea would be to use Eastern motifs like the many-handed women and Eastern gods like Jagganath in the artwork, along with paisley prints. A lot of swirling lines should be included, as well as a healthy smattering of repetitive patterns like dots and dashes. An interesting twist would be to use a limited palette and experiment with tones. Duo-tone is also good, and gives you scope to experiment with patterns.

Drugs are often a running theme of psychedelic artwork, as is enlightenment. Motifs like mushrooms and marijuana leaves are a good idea. Opening up of the mind could be represented by a women or a man with fauna sprouting from their head. Eyes are a very good motif to experiment with, so melding of two eyes where the melting also silhouettes two people.

A moustachioed man wearing sunglasses is also a recognizable motif, where you can have the hair being snakes or other abnormal things which look similar to hair instead. The peace sign is also very recognizable and should be experimented with. It is excellent to experiment with pop culture motifs as these are popular with the youth and greatly in demand as well.

Psychedelic Photo Coloring Photoshop

  • Psychedelic Photo Coloring Photoshop

Psychedelic Trippy Weird Colors GIANT Print Poster

  • Psychedelic Trippy Weird Colors

Generative Psychedelie

  • Generative Psychedelie

Digi Arts Psychedelic



Psychedelic Fluorecent Artworks

  • psychedelic fluorecent artworks

Psychedelic stream

  • psychedelic stream

Psychedelic Happiness

  • Psychedelic_Happiness

Hendrix Psychedelic Artwork

  • Hendrix Psychedelic Artwork


Unzipped Print

  • Unzipped Print

Psychedelic Butterfly Print

  • Psychedelic Butterfly Print

Bright Psychedelic Artworks

  • Psychedelic Artworks


Pink Floyd Tribute Artwork

  • pink


Spite Psychedelic Work

  • spite1


Psychedelic Squids

  • psychedelic squids

Psychedelic Elephant Freebie

  • Psychedelic elephant freebie


  • Psychedelic

Psychedelic Scenes

  • Psychedelic Scenes

Floyd Prism Psychedelic Artworks

  • psychedelic scenes0


Original LIVE Psychedelic Painting

  • original live psychedelic painting

Tree of Life

  • tree of life


Shrooms Psychedelic Artworks

  • Psychedelic Artworks


Rivets Mandala Suncatcher

  • Rivets Mandala Suncatcher

Psychedelic Seamless Patterns

  • Psychedelic Seamless Patterns

Psychedelic Peacock

  • psychedelic_peacock_by_wolfepaw-d7mwicq

Psychedelic Patterns

  • psychedelic-patterns


Psychedelic Cat Glow

  • Psychedelic Cat Glow

Psychedelic Nature

  • psychedelic-nature


Owl Psychedelic Popart Poster

  • Owl Psychedelic Popart Poster

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