9+ Fantasy Paintings


Everybody needs a sprinkle of fantasy in their lives. It is a channel that enables us to escape from the realities of the world. Investing our time on fantasy gives us the capability to cope in the daily occurrences of our lives.

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If you’re looking for fantasy paintings, magic works in mysterious ways that helped you land on our page. We have here an array of fantasy paintings that you can choose from. They are of high quality and definitely original. They will truly awaken the child in you. Hence, feel free to access and download our templates. Aside from our fantasy templates, we also have other painting ideas that were manifested into various templates. Just click on the link to access them.

Digital Fantasy Painting

digital fantasy paintingSource

Acrylic Fantasy Painting

acrylic fantasy paintingSource

Fantasy Oil Painting

fantasy oil paintingSource

Fantasy Art Painting

fantasy art paintingSource

Fantasy Face Painting

fantasy face paintingSource

The Roots of Fantasy Art

It is a given fact that fantasy art is not grounded on reality. It transcends beyond reality and delve more on the sense of imagination and state of mind of an individual. Regardless of that, there is still the need to commend and recognize the people or some occurrences which started and provided inspirations for the said art.

In terms of history, fantasy art also have a bright and vibrant one. Here are some of the historical highlights the said art evolved from based on history:

  • It is evident that fantasy art had its foundations based on folklore, mythology, and religious precepts. It is started in ancient times, specifically with the contributions from Greek mythology, Chinese folklore, and African traditions such as voodoo and magic.
  • The first known fantastical artist was Hieronomous Bosch. He became a fantastical artist based on what they labeled him in the 1500s. One of his famous work was The Garden of Earthly Delights.
  • In the age of Renaissance, more techniques and definitions of the said art were unraveled. It became more and more closer to reality.
  • For some artists, they contend that it was in the twentieth century that the said art was accepted as a form of art. Nowadays, it is associated with the concepts of castles, fairies, kings and queens, demons, witches and dragons, vampires and etc.

If you are more interested on digital art paintings, just click on the link provided to access them from our website.

Fantasy Landscape Painting

fantasy landscape paintingSource

Fantasy World Painting

fantasy world paintingSource

Watercolor Fantasy Painting

watercolor fantasy paintingSource

Fantasy Girl Painting

fantasy girl paintingSource

Bright Color Fantasy Painting

bright color fantasy paintingSource

The World of Fantasy Paintings

Fantasy is usually associated with those phenomena which reason and science cannot explain. This particular trait of fantasy paintings make them more unique and mysterious at the same time. It can stir limitless emotions to the viewers. It can convey any message because after all they are not grounded with any theory or principle. One of the important goals of fantasy paintings is to satisfy the fantasies of an individual not just on one’s mind but through work of art such as paintings.

Indeed, fantasy paintings awaken one’s mind to countless possibilities and realms for that matter. Here are some of the benefits that the said painting can provide both to the artist and the viewers:

  • Escape from life’s complexities. Fantasy paintings can provide you with an escape from reality. Give yourself a chance to feel and imagine a perfect world. They can truly help you cope with reality.
  • For children, developing their imaginative mind is very important. According to research, it can help them cope up with classroom learning. They consider it as the perfect ground for children to express their scattered ideas and nurture them. This can be a supplement in their formative years.
  • A perfect avenue to go improve and channel ones creative mind. By nature, all of us are gifted with creative minds. Not all of us nurture and invest more on making our minds shine, however. That is okay because after all, that is a matter of choice and preference. For those who want to excel more on their creativity, fantasy paintings can be a great avenue to practice and improve themselves.

These are just some of reasons why the world of fantasy is amazing. If you’re looking for acrylic paintings, there are also templates for you.


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