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9+ Sunrise Paintings

Art can be expressed in so many ways, and one of the most common yet impeccable ways to express it is through a painting. It is a form of art where artists use colors to portray a certain person, object, or scenery. To strip it down to its bones, painting is an act of using colors to paint. Artists can convey certain messages by painting. A painting is surely one of the finely detailed art forms that ever existed.

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We know that there a lot of beautiful sceneries that a painting can show. Our list showcases 9 examples of paintings showing the majesty of sunrises that will impress you. These examples are ideal for those looking for painting ideas or for those sunrise lovers at the same time. Feel free to check them out.

Sunrise Oil Painting


Abstract Sunrise Painting


Fantasy Sunrise Painting


Sunrise Landscape Painting


Sunrise Scenery Painting


A Brand-New Day

The sunrise marks a brand-new day. It gives a refreshing and new atmosphere. It is the occurrence at which the upper edge of the sun appears over the horizon early in the morning.The term sunrisecan also refer to the whole action of the sun crossing the skyline and its following atmospheric effects.

Although the sun seems to “rise” from the horizon, it is actually the earth’s movement that results the sun to appear. The deception of a moving sun is the consequence from a movement in the Renaissance where the earth was considered the reference of the universe. This apparent movement was so persuasive that most cultures had beliefs and creeds built around the geocentric model. It was then Nicolaus Copernicus first invented the heliocentric model, a system in which planets revolve around the fixed sun, in the 16th century.

Sunlight’s Benefit to the Body

Aside from the sun giving the earth warmth (otherwise we’d be a cold, empty planet floating about in the dark abyss), here are some of the sunlight’s benefits to its benefactors:

  • Boosts up your mood.
  • Gives enough supply of vitamin D, which promotes bone growth and prevent illnesses.
  • Lowers your blood pressure.
  • It gives us peace of mind.
  • It recharges us since it is composed of ultraviolet light which the body needs for excellent health.
  • It is good for the nervous system.

So it pays to wake up early, take a stroll, and watch the sunrise and enjoy it. It is indeed a gift from above.

Maybe you’re thinking of watching the sunrise on a beach. Take inspiration from our collection of beach paintings too.

Acrylic Sunrise Painting


Sunrise Mountain Painting


Awesome Sunrise Painting


Watercolor Sunrise Painting

Winter Sunrise Painting


Apart from giving a bright light to our day and its stunning beauty, a sunrise offers more than that. It will always and forever be a part of the universe. Watching it is quite a romantic event. You can see it beaming as you walk, boosting you with its vibrant light. Truly, love at first sight. Our compilation of sunrise paintings is a great catch if you want to witness the sunrise in the palm of your hands.

Why Download Them?

  • All contain images that portray a realistic sunrise.
  • Each painting comes in a vibrant and distinct color.
  • They are all downloadable directly to any device.
  • You can print them with no hassle.
  • Each has a very detailed image since it has a great image resolution.
  • If you want to, you can add words to it. These come in modifiable formats for easy editing.
  • Our website is accessible 24/7 so you could download any of these paintings from any part of the world.

Our samples are not just your typical images that you see anywhere, and they are all worth it. If you have friends who are also art enthusiasts, these will be a great addition to their collection. Also, apart from our sunrise paintings collection, if you wish to add another variety, go to our landscape paintings page.

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