29+ Creative Magical Paintings with Optical Illusion

Who forgets the HarryPotter magic? The fantasy fad drives kids and adults alike with its evil characters and deathly hallows and proves that creativity has no boundaries. The only thing is that you need to give the creators a free hand. Here the magical paintings reinforce the same fact. Have a suspicious glance at them and the way how paintbrushes turn out to be the magic wands. However, don’t blame us if the magic show creates an optical illusion.

magical paintings

Magical Art of Cycling Boys

magical art of cycling boys

This Magical painting looks as if it endorses environmental friendly commute system with a little illusion. How come are the kids riding atop the trees? Think and thank the artist for his thought and execution.

A close-up view of a royal castle and a magical world that come to life at night time. The artist wants to give a new meaning to ‘landscape’ with a night painting. And this is the result.

Waterfalls Turning into Women

waterfalls turning into womans

A waterfall is turning into a group of nature spirits – nymphs in the full moon light. We know the full moon lights up the night. But here the artist lights up the image by bringing the milky white effect.

Magical Painting of Flying Swan

magical painting of flying swan

Most of us are familiar with the famous story of storks delivering babies. But in this deviant art, the magic swan is carrying something else. It’s a kitten in a shoe. This artist might be a cat lover.

Room Turning into A Beautiful Landscape

room turning into beautiful landscape

Another ‘Hoggard’ stuff? Three kids that are lookalikes of Harry Potter, Emma, and Ron practicing some magic spells. That is flying in the air without any support. A superior trick!

Magical Painting of Floating Waterfalls

magical painting of floating waterfalls

A small boy with a tiger! Reward that artist for his careful selection of colors and Free textures. It’s truly a magical world. This shows how hard he had sweated to bring the output so perfect. Doesn’t it?

Magical Art of Kids Playing Under Tree

magical art of kids playing under tree

The landscape view of a city from a riverside, on the other side of which two children are playing using building blocks. They are trying to build the same skyscrapers. Almost perfect!

Magical Painting of A Girl in Frame

magical painting of girl in frame

Is it an image that has been framed or is it real? That you do an investigation. But this model gives a tutorial on how to do a hair work. The colors and the gradients are simply awesome.

Digital Art by Lisa Lindsay

digital art by lisa lindsay

Dungeons and Dragons. Lords of the Rings sort. It’s not an illusion. The artist has beautifully illustrated the dragon hearts and the warriors with bow strings and arrows. They are even ready for mortal combat.

Magical Painting of Vintage Ships

magical painting of vintage ships

Beautiful Sky Magical Art

beautiful sky magical art

Magical Painting of A Starfish

magical painting of starfish

Woman in Water Magical Art

woman in water magical art

Woman Sleeping on Snow Beds

woman sleeping on snow beds

Balloons Floating Under Sky

balloons floating under sky

Creative Painting of A Queen

creative painting of queen

Kids Playing on Rooftops

kids playing on rooftops

Curtains Turning into Landscape

curtains turning into landscape

Magical Art Nature in Room

magical art nature in room

Magical Art of Kids in A Garden

magical art of kids in garden

Magical Painting of Grandma & Soul

optical illusion painting of grandma

Kid Playing Chess on A Landscape

kid playing chess on landscape

Woman Playing Chess Painting

woman playing chess painting

Lunar Eclipse Created by A Woman

lunar eclipse created by woman

Magical Art of Birds & Ships

magical art of birds ships

Train Bridge Formation of Human Beings

train bridge formation of human beings

Water Flow Turning into A Beautiful Woman

water flow turning into beautiful woman


Magical Art with Beautiful Creativity

magical art with beautiful creativity

Magical Art of A Bean Stalk

magica art of bean stalk

Magical Paintings are mostly double-sighted. The artists paint these paintings with a certain knack by which they create the obvious fallacy in a way so balancing and leave the final say to the viewers. Whatsoever, these Magical hand Paintings provide a creative reference for 3D artists and other animators out there.