45+ Amazing Metamorphosis Paintings – Inspiring Collection

Abstraction is not every designer’s cup of tea, and even in the era of digitally empowered designing, designers continue to face the challenge of leveraging abstractness without losing themselves and their design philosophies in the process.

Metamorphosis surfaces as a terrific design option in such a scenario, and with so many astounding metamorphosis paintings doing the rounds of the best collections on the web, it’s up to discerning designers to identify the best, extract inspiration and design guidance from them, and create superb blends of figurativeness and abstraction.

Metamorphosis is a massive design domain, and encompasses hundreds of subject variations, beginning right from the transition of stages of life in animals and birds to the more abstract themes of human life stages transitioning to mature stages, expressed with a stroke or two of abstraction.

Among the classic metamorphosis themes are supernatural life forms, mermaids on the sea side, transitions of seasons reflected upon landscapes, and transitions of the night to the dawn, with real world objects in the foreground.

Creating really complex designs that draw bits and pieces from the abstract and the figurative schools of art is also possible for adventurous designers, with some absolutely stunning metamorphosis paintings to base their designs on.

Smoky clouds camouflaging a passing aircraft, tear washed face bringing a carpet of haziness on beautiful feminine eyes, and a vehicle racing past alleys of pines – all these and more superb design expressions await you in the world of metamorphosis paintings.

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Narcissus Metamorphosis Painting

  • narcissus metamorphosis painting

Metamorphosis oil paintings by Anne Bachelier

  • metamorphosis oil paintings by anne bachelier

Dream Metamorphosis Painting

  • dream metamorphosis painting


  • picterature metamorphosis painting1

Spider Metamorphosis Painting

  • spider metamorphosis painting

Anne Bachelier Metamorphosis Painting

  • anne bachelier metamorphosis painting

Sheila-wolk-metamorphosis oil painting

  • sheila wolk metamorphosis oil painting


  • picterature metamorphosis painting2

Metamorphosis Painting by Gongora

  • metamorphosis painting by gongora

Metamorphosis Original Painting

  • metamorphosis original painting

Abstract Metamorphosis Paint

  • abstract metamorphosis paint

Bachelier Fleur Songes

  • bachelier fleur songes

Slaughtered pig in Fontana’s style

  • slaughtered pig in fontanas style

Ephemeral Life Metamorphosis Painting

  • ephemeral life metamorphosis painting

PICTERATURE Metamorphosis Painting

  • picterature metamorphosis painting

Last Flight Metamorphosis Painting

  • last flight metamorphosis painting

Metamorphosis of Blue and Orange

  • metamorphosis of blue and orange

Bird Heart IIi Metamorphosis Painting

  • bird heart iii metamorphosis painting

Conversio Metamorphosis Painting

  • conversio metamorphosis painting

Metamorphosis Painting

  • metamorphosis painting

SYNAPSI Metamorphosis Painting

  • synapsi metamorphosis painting


  • metamorphosis

Liberacion 2 Metamorphosis Painting

  • liberacion 2 metamorphosis painting

Butterfly Metamorphosis

  • butterfly metamorphosis

Metamorphosis Painting

  • metamorphosis painting1

FEAR Metamorphosis Painting

  • fear metamorphosis painting

Metamorphosis Butterfly Painting

  • metamorphosis butterfly painting

Colourful Metamorphosis Paint

  • colourful metamorphosis paint

Chrysalis Metamorphosis Painting

  • chrysalis metamorphosis painting

7 Words Metamorphosis Painting

  • 7 words metamorphosis painting

I was born nude but were you – Metamorphosis Painting

  • i was born nude but were you metamorphosis painting

Metamorphosis with multiple colours

  • metamorphosis with multiple colours

LO Appartengo al mare Metamorphosis Painting

  • lo appartengo al mare metamorphosis painting


  • antermansubconcious

Painting Metamorphosis

  • painting metamorphosis

Metamorphosis Paint

  • metamorphosis paint

Metamorphosis at Huangshan

  • metamorphosis at huangshan

Diffusion Metamorphosis Painting

  • diffusion metamorphosis painting

Beautiful Metamorphosis Butterfly Paint

  • beautiful metamorphosis butterfly paint

Metamorphosis Colourful Paint

  • metamorphosis colourful paint

Eulatma Metamorphosis Painting

  • eulatma metamorphosis painting

Room of Metamorphosis

  • room of metamorphosis

Bralgah Metamorphosis

  • bralgah metamorphosis

Winged Metamorphosis

  • winged metamorphosis

Ganymede Metamorphosis

  • ganymede metamorphosis

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