50+ Amazing Figurative Art Paintings & Figurative Designs

Though the wave of figurative art made its real peaks much later than other forms of paintings, but the visibility it has attracted since then is amazing. Even today, figurative designs are making digital designers excited, and that’s not without reasons. Academically, figurative art draws a lot from the real world.

Of course, digital figurative art designs stick to the conventions, but also don’t bind themselves to the boundaries laid out by definitions. Hence, you’d see as many creative figurative paintings, such as winged lions and other supernatural creatures, mythological beings in unimaginably surreal surroundings, and half-human figures with undoubtedly humane expressions, and more.

Of course, there’s no dearth of precise figurative art paintings either, as designers will find all kinds of domestic sceneries, landscapes, ports and shipyard paintings, vehicles in motion, scenes with multiple subjects in a discussion, and more.

Figurative art paintings are naturally blessed with the gift of expression, because they are close to the real world, and hence only need subtle cues to evoke emotions. Thus, designs involving facial expressions, personality depiction of a locality, and human interaction are best inspired from figurative art paintings.

Marketplace scenes, surreal beauties by the beach side, and even ultra focussed sketches of real world objects – these are among the other popular themes for successful and attractive figurative art paintings. Designers will do well to motivate themselves by studying the best from the world of figurative art paintings, encompassing all sorts of colour combinations, subject matters, canvas sizes and design complexities.

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Upon Infinity – Figurative Art Painting


Figures painting Romance

Shes Got Legs – Figurative Art Painting

Figurative Painting by Gouranga Beshai

Sunset Kiss – Figurative Art Painting


La premiere nuit – Figurative Art Painting

Wish I had a tutu

Scente of October – Figurative Art

My Dream-Figurative-Art-Painting

Figurative Painting

Summer Evening Paint

Kiem Lang Figurative-Art-Painting


Chattanooga bridge blues – Figurative Painting

Temptation – Figurative Art

Figurative Paint by Kyle Marffin


Best Figurative Art Paint

The Calm-Figurative-Art-Painting

Dancing Queen – Figurative Art

Figurative Paint Kyle Marffin

Best Figurative Paint Kyle Marffin

Anticipation Figurative art

Be My Love Forever – Figurative Art


Awesome Figurative Paint Kyle Marffin

Figurative Art Female Nude Painting

Angel In Chiaroscuro

Indian Figurative Art

Sexy Figurative Art Painting

Cafe Le Dauphin – Figurative Art

Seduction Figurative art


Big Hats Figurative Painting

Revival Figurative art

Mothers Day – Figurative Paint

Adagio Sentimental Confusion

April Showers Figurative Art

Wavering Figurative art

Figurative Painting by Joshua Bronaugh


Indian Figurative Art Paint

The Dancing Princess

Figurative Art Paint by Gouranga Beshai

Figurative Art Painting

Source: joshuabronaugh, fineartamerica

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