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7+ Colorful Swirl Paintings

Art has been the most fascinating thing humans have ever created. Both for entertainment and an object to appreciate, carrying different stories and messages, art as a still image we call painting has become one of the most luxurious and treasured pieces.

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Painting had branched up into realistic and abstract. Nowadays, abstract painting has been the most popular among all painting styles that have been produced. The mind-boggling, enticing, and out-of-this-world combination of colors, lines, and techniques have been the reason for its vast popularity. One of the styles of abstract painting that is especially booming today is the colorful swirl painting, a fascinating painting idea that uses the process of paper marbling as inspiration.

Acrylic Swirl Painting

Swirl Canvas Painting


Abstract Swirl Painting

Swirl Oil Painting

What Is Swirl Painting?

One of the trickiest and fun style of painting. This art style is inspired by painting in water, and it has been derived from the art of paper marbling that existed as early as the year 850. Its procedure is having a shallow tray filled with water, and various kinds of ink or paint colors are carefully applied on the surface with a brush, until swirls of colors on the water become visible, the paper is then laid down to absorb the color in its swirl form in the water.

How to swirl paint in a classical way:

The “dip and drip” have been popularized nowadays to be able to enjoy the fun of doing colorful swirling.

  • Drip has been the least complicated yet the least predictable. It uses the method of dipping the ink brush in a thinned paint of various colors and drip it on the object as it sometimes separates the colors and mixes at some parts with the use of tension of the surface, gravity, and viscosity. Creating patters with the drip method has been the most tedious as simple movements can mix the colors altogether or it moves to places you didn’t intend for it to.
  • Dip method allows you to have more control over the pattern. The paints are mixed specifically to flow just enough while making sure that the temperature is just right. The water used should be thickened into a gel in order to hold the pattern more easily.

Swirl painting has always been an abstract painting with the use of water and flow of the streaks it produces and makes a pattern out of it. Nowadays, any art, hand drawn or painted in a swerving motion, creating curls or swirls, are what most people know as swirl art or swirl painting. Such style of art is still considered abstract and closer to fantasy-style art. It comes in different styles of painting from water color paintings to acrylic paintings.

Swirl Tree Painting


Black and White Swirl Painting

Watercolor Swirl Painting


Fantasy Swirl Painting


If you enjoyed looking through our samples or maybe want to try on making a swirl painting or art, you can download the samples provided all for free for you to use as a reference a material or for keepsake. They are available in PSD, EPS, and AI format’; and if you wish to see other paintings available in our site, you can check out these watercolor paintings. Don’t forget to visit’s design pages for more painting ideas, Photoshop brushes, and colorful patterns all available to download!

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