34+ Excellent Oil Painting Designs with Realistic Look!

Modern oil paintings are an excellent addition to any home, space or project. One of the newest trends is having the picture in parts, where you break up a large piece into parts. One large picture could be broken up into several parts. Alternatively, you could play with the size with the parts to create a bigger impact. Modern art is often misunderstood. However, a good colour palate is never unappreciated. So, earthy tones like different shades of red, reddish orange and brown can look brilliant together. These can be accented by bold stripes of a darker colour like black, which will provide an excellent contrast to them. Design-wise, you could have curved lines being turned into face by appropriate colouring using the above colour scheme. Swirls are a good option as well. The use of multiple colours increases the intended impact manifold, though the intended audience should be kept in mind when doing so. A great idea would be women carrying different shaped water pots, on a background of interconnected geometric shapes. The image could be accented by pops of bright colours, which would grab attention and provide aesthetic relief. Another interesting image would be having a four-way uneven split in a painting where two quarters would have a unifying factor like a grey background. The image utilised could be a slice of a watch, or a neighborhood. The differing shapes but unifying colours are an excellent contrast, while the rest of the painting’s palette engages the intellect.

oil painting designs

Oil Painting Photo Action Designs

oil painting photo actions

Dirigible – Oil Painting Design


Modern Oil Painting

modern oil painting

Oil Painted Background

oil painted background

Klimt The Kiss Oil Painting


Oil Painting

oil painting

Rooster Dance Oil Painting

rooster dance from oil painting by karen tarlton

Black Light Forest Oil Painting Poster

black light forest oil painting poster

Nature Canvas Painting

nature canvas painting oil artistic sky

Oil Painting Photo Actions

oil painting photo actions

Freedom – Acrylic Oil Painting on Canvas


Oil Paint Effect

oil paint effect

Oil Paint Action

oil paint action

Oil Paint Abstract Background

oil paint abstract background

Elegance – Hand Painted Artwork

elegance hand painted artwork

Oil Paint

oil paint

Greenwood Painting

greenwood painting canvas oil artistic art

Pro Oil Painting Action

pro oil painting action

Original Angel of Hope Palette Knife Painting

original angel of hope palette knife painting impressionism oil on canvas fine art

Oil Painting Abstract Art on Canvas Heavy Texture Deep Blue

oil painting abstract art on canvas heavy texture deep blue

Oil Painting

oil painting

Oil Paint Abstract Background

oil paint abstract background

Oil Paint – Spiderman

oil paint spiderman

Oil Painting Effect

oil painting effect

Original Oil Painting

original oil painting autumn sunflowers

Black & White Oil Paint

black white oil paint

Oil Painting

oil painting

Oil Painting Abstract Art on Canvas Home Decor Mixed Colors

oil painting abstract art on canvas home decor mixed colors

Retro Oil Paint Action

retro oil paint action

Oil Painting on Canvas Fabiano Millani

oil painting on canvas fabiano millani

Nasmyth Alexander Artistic Painting Canvas Oil

nasmyth alexander artistic painting canvas oil

Oil Paint Stratagem

oil paint stratagem

Intimate Engagement – Beautiful Oil Painting on Canvas

intimate engagement beautiful oil painting on canvas

Fine Art Print Beach Babes

fine art print beach babes from past oil painting

Love Lost – Hand Painted Oil Painting on Canvas

love lost

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