18+ Abstract EnCaustic Paintings Download

Working with encaustic paint is a little difficult as it requires a lot of work to get the paint. Most encaustic paints are applied on wood, but it can also be applied to canvas. Since it was such a difficult task to make the paints, most people avoid working with this kind of paint. Giving it a shot is still an option. You can also see Vintage Oil Paintings.

encaustic paintings

Artistic Encaustic Painting

artistic encaustic painting
The above abstract encaustic painting is the one that gives the viewers a glance of the spring season. You can see that the flowers are in full bloom alongside the clear water.

Abstract Encaustic Painting

abstract encaustic painting
The city life and the city lights are shown with the help of this abstract encaustic painting. The blurry busy night of the city gives off the right image of the city life at night.

Encaustic Painting on Cedar Wood

encaustic painting on cedar wood
The abstract encaustic painting made on this piece of cedar wood gives the person watching it a feast to his eyes as there is a burst of colors on it. It is a very catchy piece that can brighten up any dull room.

Spiral Encaustic Modern Pop Wax Painting

spiral encaustic modern pop wax painting
Pop wax paintings have become very common now-a-days and in this abstract encaustic painting too, you can see this process of painting. The colors used are subtle but at the same time very colorful.

The Dispossessed Madonna Encaustic Painting

the dispossessed madonna encaustic painting
The above abstract encaustic painting shows a lot of technique that has been used to draw the disposed Madonna and is very captivating. Every element in the picture has been very intricately drawn.

Awesome Encaustic Painting Download

awesome encaustic painting download

Blossoming Tree Encaustic Painting

blossoming tree encaustic painting

Crooked Tree Encaustic Painting Download

crooked tree encaustic painting download

Fiery Encaustic Painting For You

fiery encaustic painting for you

Beautiful Encaustic Painting Download

beautiful encaustic painting download

Floral Encaustic Painting

floral encaustic painting

Fantastic Encaustic Painting

fantastic encaustic painting

Under the Sea Encaustic Painting

under the sea encaustic painting

Warm Yellow Encaustic Painting

warm yellow encaustic painting

Elegant Daffodil Encaustic Painting

elegant daffodil encaustic painting

Excellent Ocean Encaustic Painting

excellent ocean encaustic painting

Encaustic Painting on Wood Panel

encaustic painting on wood panel

Enchanted Encaustic Painting Download

enchanted encaustic painting download

Extraordinary Encaustic Painting

extraordinary encaustic painting

Once you have the base work ready you can melt beeswax and mix paint pigments. You can even get prepared encaustic paint. Once you have the molten pain you can apply it to the surface that you want to color.