22+ Beautiful Fantasy Paintings

Welcome to surreal occult fantasy paintings. We are hereby inviting you to the collection of over-dramatic caricatures. Now there is no need to google for your fancy art. Yes, instead of falling down surfing the web, you can now use these. From digital vacations to personal nightmares, there is more art and literature that invite you to the journey to an alternative world. They are magically alive and exciting. See if the references help you.

beautiful fantacy

Amazing Fantasy Village

amzing fantasy village

It will take a billion seconds for a lay person to draw something like this. Though the artist admitted that he had used only the basic brushes, it came really nice.

Mother Nature Fantasy Art

mother of nature fantasy art

A Digital Painting of Vacation fantasy. Now it is for sale at retail prices. This oil painting reproduction is a blend of traditional eastern architecture and fantasy aspect. Great work indeed!

Awesome Fantasy Painting

awesome fantasy painting

Fantasy Painting of Goddess

fantasy painting of goddess

A Goddess and a Princess of Fantasy Painting. We know that the fairies and dragons have always been catching the attention of artists. Though it’s an imperfect world, it will not give you any abrupt feeling.

Childhood Fantasy Painting

childhood fantasy painting

The artist admitted that he had sketched this tree house a couple of days ago using Photoshop. Get his permission to use it for your personal usage. If you are a true artist, you can see the brush in the tree.

Conceptual Balance Painting

conceptual balance painting

This gives life to the scene. Happiness in Perpetuity is a painting by Paul Bond that was uploaded seven years ago. It makes you genuinely happy and gives you joy as well.

Fantasy Painting by Judy Maresch

fantasy painting by judy maresch

A true master of his craft. This Fantasy Painting by Judy Maresch is particularly rare. We know that people build their physical environments based on their beliefs and thoughts.

Ocean Lovers Fantasy Painting

ocean lovers fantasy painting

What a place for adventure? The fantasy of storybook tales in a romanticism style. The thin line between fact and fantasy has finally ended up here. Let your creative juices flow.

Customization Fantasy Land

customization fantasy land

Waiting for outer influences is the biggest disadvantage. Keeping the same thing in mind, the artist created this fantasy land with a landscape of flying dragons. Now with this inspiration, paint your own ideas.

Architecture Art Paintings

architecture art paintings

Mont Saint-Michel Soir is a painting by Richard Harpum that was uploaded four years ago. The artist admitted that he took a vacation with his wife and visited France along with two American friends. He added that Normandy’s Island commune stood as the highlight in his trip.

Conceptual Fantasy Painting

conceptual fantasy painting

Ocean of Dreams is a conceptual fantasy painting that stands as the best example of Fantasy art design. It conveys the message that “If Yesterday was a memory, today is a reality, and tomorrow will be of hopes and dreams”.

Fantasy Painting of Sea

fantasy painting of sea

Dragon Fantasy Painting

dragon fantasy painting

Digital Art Final Fantasy

digital art final fantasy

Fantasy Painting of Jellyfish

fantasy painting of jellyfish

Kissing Waves Fantasy Painting

kissing waves fantasy painting

Fantasy Digital Painting

fantasy digital painting

Digital Art Illustration

digital art illustration

Spirit of Flight Fantasy Painting

spirit of flight fantasy painting

Painting of Fantasy Ireland

painting of fantasy ireland

Photo Manipulation Fantasy Painting

photomanipulation fantasy painting

Mermaid Angel Fantasy Painting

mermaid angel fantasy painting

Fantasy Art of Balloon In The Sky

fantasy art of balloon in the sky

Now who wants to paint their arts out? Of course, if happiness is a choice, why are you still sad? The above fantasy paintings help you draw things in a more comprehensive manner. Step into a merged world of fantasy and reality. Escape to the ecstasy and come up with something that makes viewers lose their breath.