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17+ Inspiring Geometric Paintings for You

Geometric Art is a form of abstract art which is based on the use of geometric forms. Artists use these geometric forms in a non-illusionistic manner to come up with unique art compositions. The existence of geometric art can be found in many cultures throughout history in many decorative motifs and artworks across the world. The Islamic Art, in its attempt at prohibiting the use of religious figures, is a prime example of this geometric pattern-based art.

In the current design scenario, we can see a lot of designers using geometric patterns, shapes, and styles in their designs. In this below post, we are going to talk about a few incredible Geometric Paintings that will surely inspire you in creating unique designs.

Luna Face Geometric Painting

luna face geometric painting Source

Luna Face Geometric Painting is a fantastic example of geometric art that you will come across. The artist here has used many geometric shapes to create an awesome art piece. You will see such geometric paintings being used in many amusement parks across the world. This Luna Face Geometric Painting is not a realistic artwork, yet it looks amazing; the artist has focused a great deal on detailing and creating an expression that captivates the viewers.

Geometric Repopulation Painting

geometric repopulation painting

Geometric Repopulation Painting is a gripping piece of art created by the popular artist, John Sosnowsky. Here, the artist has tried to take the viewers to an imaginary world through his art. He has made an attempt to create a visual art through geometric shapes and you can visualize how the planet earth would be looking if you look at it from another planet.

He has used many geometric shapes like circles and triangles to create replicas of the sun, mountains and other planets. This awesome geometric painting will surely take you on a sci-fi journey for sure. The use of colors can behold the viewers who are bound to get mesmerized by the beauty of this artwork.

Bird Geometric Painting

bird geometric painting

Bird Geometric Painting is based on the use of geometric shapes through which the artist has created a geometric animal art. The artist here has highlighted the point that geometric paintings don’t have to be abstract art always as most people perceive. You can create beautiful artworks using geometric shapes and the art concept can be anything as long as it contains a meaning. The artist has created this Bird Geometric Painting using acrylic color and his main intention is to bring color and smile to the everyday life of the viewers.

Mediterranean Landscape Geometric Painting

mediterranean landscape geometric painting

Mediterranean Landscapes are famous for their picturesque beauty and people all over love these landscapes due to their casual elegance and style. Many artists over the years have tried their hands at creating paintings based on Mediterranean landscapes but here you are going to witness the unthinkable- probably for the first time!

The artist has made an attempt at creating a Mediterranean land through using geometric shapes only. He has imbibed all the characteristics of a Mediterranean landscape in this art piece. You can see colorful buildings with greeneries all around and the sea at the background which has a small boat added to it for more beauty to the overall artwork.

Human Self Awareness Painting

human self awareness painting Source

The above geometric artwork is a wonderful piece created by artist Teal Swan, who is also known as the spiritual catalyst. The artwork has been aptly titled ‘Human Self Awareness’ and the artist has tried to pass on an important message through this geometric art piece. Through this painting, the artist has tried to highlight the energetic vibrational reality that makes up for the physical world that we all see.

The artist, through this frequency painting, has stressed the point that everything in the universe is made of energy that vibrates, and everything that vibrates, imparts or impacts information. He has used many vibrant colors and geometric shapes in creating this magnificent artwork which can definitely arrest the attention of the viewers. Whoever sees this artwork, will not be able to forget it in a hurry.

Abstract Geometric Painting

abstract geometric painting Source

People often find it tough in understanding abstract paintings but in reality, it’s not that a difficult task either. All it requires is an open mind and a big imagination. What do you see when you look at the above Abstract Geometric Painting? Swirling shapes, an array of colorful patterns, various geometric shapes; a few may see a monster gazing fiercely at them or maybe you see energy floating all around.

Well, it can be anything. There is no right or wrong answer to it. This Abstract Geometric Painting is open to interpretation and that’s the most striking aspect of it. With an open and inquiring mind, you must enter the painting and see where it takes you to. Such is the beauty of this artwork.

Tiger Head Geometric Painting

tiger head geometric painting

In this Tiger Head Geometric Painting, the artist has created a head of a tiger through the exceptional use of geometric shapes only. We all have witnessed drawings of tiger either on paper or canvas or in a digital format on so many occasions but not many of us have seen a picture of a tiger like the one you can see above. The excellent use of geometric shapes, the color scheme used in this artwork and the roaring expression on the face of the tiger will surely catch the viewers’ attention.

Geometric Vibration Paintings

geometric vibration paintings Source

The above painting is yet another breathtakingly beautiful painting by the thought-provoking artist, Teal Swan. The above painting is appropriately titled ‘Moving Forward’ and the artist has focused on the energy or vibration that helps moving forward in our life without any fear.

We should do what comes naturally to us and we shouldn’t be controlled by others’ thoughts and expectations. We should move forward and do things that come spontaneously to us and we should trust our own instincts at all times. The artist has used various geometric shaped design patterns to create this marvelous piece of geometric artwork.

Butterfly Geometric Painting

butterfly geometric painting Source

The above Butterfly Geometric Painting is a simple yet beautiful artwork based on the theory of geometric art. Observing the butterfly offers us an opportunity to learn many new meanings that we can apply to our own lives. We can relate the various stages of the butterfly’s life to that of our own lives.

The artist has created a realistic butterfly and the fantastic use of colors makes it look pretty awesome. Geometric art has its roots in the ancient history; yet, it’s such a fascinating medium of art that even in today’s time, many designers use geometric art while designing logos, wallpapers, paintings, etc. The advantage of using geometric art is that it makes the designs look simple yet striking.

Modern Geometric Paintings

0 modern geometric paintings

modern geometric paintings

modern geometric paintings Source

Bright Geometric Painting

bright geometric painting Source

Geometric Paintings

geometric paintings Source

Face Geometric Painting

face geometric painting

Orange & Blue Geometric Painting

orange blue geometric painting

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