21+ Best Hyper Realistic Paintings & Art Works

Hyper realistic paintings remove the fine line between art and real life. Using the right kind of software programs and the tools provided anyone deft with digital painting can make hyper realistic paintings his or her niche. Using comparatively simple Photoshop software can give you the desired levels of hyper realism in digital painting if you know your way around the tools.

One should always start with the basics like the layers, exposure, lighting, highlights, surfaces, materials, textures, composition, color and color temperatures. It is very important to establish the sources of light and the kind of materials used around the painting, this may include cloth of various makes, trees, wood, different kinds of metal, brushed metal, glass to just begin with.

The very first step of creating a hyper realistic painting is to start with sketching and then move on to flat coloring. Maneuvering around these textures and the interplay of light and shadow will help you to create the masterpiece of hyper realistic paintings.

Settling on a color, especially for the human skin is not enough, an expert artist must also decide the nuances of other colors that contribute to the difference in hues of a human body. This brings us to color relativity, where it must be mentioned that colors and values are completely relative and it is still possible to trick the observer into thinking that one color is actually another color.

It is all a question of hard and soft edges and choosing between them. With some inspirational hyper realistic paintings on offer, designers will never be short on motivation and assistance for beginning their hyper realism projects.

REAL Brush Painting

  • REAL Brush Painting

Realistic Lion Eye Painting

  • Realistic Lion Eye Painting

Hyper Realistic Paintings

  • Hyper Realistic Paintings

Realistic Painting of Mai

  • Realistic Painting of Mai

Hyper-Realistic Paintings by Omar Ortiz

  • Hyper-Realistic Paintings by Omar Ortiz

Realistic Paints

Hyper Realistic Paintings – Victor Rodriguez

  • Hyper Realistic Paintings By Victor Rodriguez

Hyper Realistic Painting Oil on Canvas

  • hyper_realistic_painting

Realistic Painting Backyard

  • realistic_painting_backyard

Large Realistic painting in mixed technique on canvas

  • Large Realistic painting

Rihanna Painting – Realistic

  • Rihanna Painting - Realistic

Hyper-Realistic Oil Paintings

Realistic Sculptures Paints

  • sculptures

Hyper Realistic Paintings

Pink Flower Realistic painting

  • Pink Flower Realistic painting

Realistic Painting Business Card Mockup

  • Realistic Painting Business Card Mockup

Food – Realistic Paints

Hyperreal Paintings

  • Hyperreal Paintings

Real Paint

  • Real Paint

Custom Digital Portrait

  • Custom Digital Portrait

Realistic Painting Background Collection

  • Realistic Painting Background Collection

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