21+ Great Examples of Swimming Pool Paintings

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling—this quote perfectly describes the need of a picture perfect home that we all like to have. Suppose you have bought a luxurious apartment and painted it with gorgeous colors but still, you feel that something is missing, then you are in need of some beautiful paintings to grace your wall.The swimming pool is not just a place to relax—it also signifies freedom. So a painting of a swimming pool can refresh you and bring you hope of freedom in your busy life. Here are the examples of some swimming pool paintings for you to choose from. You can also see 3D Art Design & Paintings.

swimming pool painting

A Float Swimming Pool Painting

afloat swimming pool painting

Nothing can give a better picture of delight than a couple of children playing in the swimming pool. The deep blue water and the smile of delight on the faces of the children are sure to refresh your mood at any time of the day.

Pool with Two Figures Painting

pool with two figures painting

Every person suffers from uncertainty and problems in decision making in their daily life. Often people hesitate to take the step that they are wishing from the core of their heart. This painting beautifully describes the dilemma of the humankind.

Woman & Man Flirting at the Pool

woman man flirting at the pool

The public swimming pool is also the place to meet new people. Often the eyes can get clashed with someone special at the poolside. The picture is showing the beautiful moments between two people sharing special moments by the poolside.

Girls Playing in Swimming Pool Painting

girls playing in swimming pool painting

The swimming pool often turns into a playground when a groups of friends decide to meet over there. The painting beautifully captures the special moments between the friends enjoying a game at the pool. You can also see Art Deco Paintings.

The Swimmer Water All Around Her

the swimmer water all around her

The painting signifies the hidden quest of everybody. The portrait of a person swimming in the water signifies the freedom to float. Nothing can look more perfect than the swimmer with the deep blue water all around her.

Swimmer in Yellow

swimmer in yellow

Yellow is the color of sunshine. It also brings a ray of hope in your every day life. The color yellow in the dark blue water brings out the sunshine, hope, and happiness everyone seeks in their daily life.

Thick and Thin Lines Swimming Pool Painting

thick and thin lines swimming pool painting

The picture signifies the endless wait of everybody’s life. As the empty pool waits for its swimmers, humans also await for a better life, a glorious future.

The Fountain of Youth

the fountain of youth

The Fountain of Youth is a glorious myth that everybody is eager to believe in. It is believed that bathing in this fountain will stop the aging process. Therefore, it brings out the hidden desires of humankind to remain beautiful, young and healthy throughout the life.

Kid Sit around Swimming Pool Painting

kid sit around swimming pool painting

Sometimes the swimming pool brings out the artist in you. The kid sitting on the edge of swimming pool is lost in its own world. The environment may have created another great artist to grace the world. You can also see Magical Painting.

One Day in the Life of Julia

one day in the life of julia

The life of Julia around her swimming pool brings the hope of comfort, luxury, and style. The life that everybody desires and envies is captured by the artist beautifully. Similarly, the peace and the serenity among the luxury can be tasted while looking at this picture.

Pool Scene Public Around the Swimming Pool

pool scene public around the swimming pool

Swimming Pool and Steps Painting

swimming pool and steps painting

Hotel & Swimming Pool Painting

hotel swimming pool painting

Lady Dawn Swim in Swimming Pool

lady dawn swim in swimming pool

Suspended Relaxation in Swimming Pool

suspended relaxation in swimming pool

Surface Figure – Surrender Swimming Pool Painting

surface figure surrender swimming pool painitng

Sam in the Pool Best Painting

sam in the pool best painting

Seaside Swimming Pool Painting

seaside swimming pool painting

Jumping in the Pool Paining

jumping in the pool paining

Now the biggest question is where to hang the swimming pool paintings? There are no specific norms to hang these paintings. The swimming pool paintings often portray bright colors along with vivid blue. So, it can be a great match for the wall with the light palette. They can be a great choice for the wall of the office or the study- as it can give you a breath of fresh air in your daily busy schedule. You can also see 3D Street Art Painting.