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Art that is directly conjured using the process of mind to canvas with very little to no representation of reality. Obscurity is what the artist is going with by using Abstract art. There is no clear or precise meaning behind it and is merely a visual form of ambiguous understanding between the Painting Art and the viewers. It represents freedom and the artist’s creative side.

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> The Importance abstract plays in modern design

Artists prefer to draw their imagination to their fullest against having to represent something that they see and draw in front of them. It creates a lot of potential for unique ideas and gives designers a lot more variety Paper Art forms to work within their respective professions.

> The various forms of Abstract art available

Designers can find some creative forms of abstract art, let us list you some of the options.

  • Cave Abstract – A cruder variation of realism
  • Expressive Abstract – Deals with giving form to emotions
  • Cubism Abstract – Heavy usage of geometrical shapes
  • Color Abstract – Artform that uses spiraling forms of color
  • Postmodern Abstract – Merge of shapes and color to a lesser extent

Abstract Painting Photoshop Action

Gouache Abstract Watercolor Art

Abstract Picasso Art

Wildlife Abstract Art

Abstract Watercolor Photoshop Action

Musical Instrument Abstract Art

Realistic Abstract Art


Composer Abstract Art


Watercolor Abstract Art


Decoration Abstract Art


Texture Abstract Art


Creativity Abstract Art


Abstract Rainbow Art


Designed Abstract Art


Vintage Abstract Art


Graphic Design Abstract Art


Hand Painted Abstract Art


Face Abstract Art


Abstract Smoke Art


Floral Abstract Art


Backdrop Abstract Art


Neon Abstract Art


Universe Abstract Art


Guideliness Abstract Art


Modern Abstract Art


Canvas Abstract Art


> Objects that you can usually find Abstract art on

Due to its vague and trendy design, it helps professionals in converting an art-form into modern day stylish goods. And since abstract has such a wide range of design in its art, it’s hard to find two similar looking designs in the same room.

  • Coffee mugs
  • Cover-art on albums and books
  • Bedsheets
  • T-shirts prints
  • Porcelain
  • Bag packs
  • Art Deco Posters
  • Fashion wear
  • Greeting cards
  • Diaries

> Creating designs using Adobe Illustrator

The first step for creating a design is choosing a good software like Photoshop or Illustrator. We have listed below some of the many tools of Illustrator for designing your dream Abstract art.

  • Appearance Panel – Illustrator offers a panel that lets you combine various styles to bring together shapes of your choice. Takes a while getting used to but is essential to creating variable shapes
  • Warp Tool – Lets you transform your art and add in precise measurements to length width and height. Manipulates art using numeric values.
  • Swatches – Gives you a ton of ability on the Illustrator, to create a color using palettes and Textures.
  • Effects Filter – Add in a host of light effects, aurora effects, and other different forms to create a vibrant picture.

> Tips to follow while designing Abstract Art

Abstract art is not randomness, it does have a form and certain rules to follow. Start with adding a bit of realism and ease your way into the more obscure form. It is a good idea to use existing work as an idea to understand the line between Abstract Art & Paintings and realism. It takes the time to master so allow yourself room to figure out the basics as abstract is creative by nature and requires your thought process to function Find something inspiring, like a historical figure in a book, look around nature for a hint. Abstract art is brain science and requires absolute free flowing creative and cerebral freedom.

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