Gift Tag Template – 27+ Free Printable Vector EPS, PSD , AI Illustrator Format Download

So you’ve got that perfect free gift tag for beloved or your friend that you just know they’re going to totally love it. All you need is the perfect gift wrap and then to make the wrap look great, the perfect gift tag. Gift tags come many sizes and shapes and it takes that right free personalized gift tag to make your gift look fabulous. You may also visit editable tag template.

We have got a great collection of gift tags, big, small, 4 and plain and with designs, each one of them beautifully designed with some amazing picture art placed inside of them.

Gift Tag Template in Illustrator


Floral Gift Tag Template


Black and White Gift Tag Template


Vector EPS Format Gift Tag Template Download

  • vector eps format gift tag template download

These are customizable and editable gift tag templates that can be used by simply downloading and printing out. The different shapes offered will make sure that you choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Wedding Favor Gift Tag Printable Template

  • wedding favor gift tag printable template

This is a printable wedding gift tag which can be simply printed out and cut along the edges on a paper of your choice. It is complete with the customizable signature of the bride and groom

Printable Holiday Gift Tag Template Download

  • printable holiday gift tag template download

Easily download and print your own Holiday Gift Tags with these free templates. These come in different colours and shapes which perfectly reflect the holiday season and mood.

Christmas Gift Tag Printable Template Download

  • christmas gift tag printable template download

Why buy a packet of Christmas Gift tags when you can easily download and print these out on a paper of your choice? They come in different shapes and designs and are the perfect gift tags for Christmas.

Gift Tag Printable AI Illustrator Format Template

  • gift tag printable ai illustrator format template

These Printable gift tags come in an Al Illutrator format and can be easily downloaded and printed for any kind of gifting requirement.

Gift Cards Tied Up With Twine Bow Vector EPS Format

  • gift cards tied up with twine bow vector eps format

These downloadable gift cards come with Tied up Twine bows. These are in Vector EPS Format and come in different shapes.

Personalized Custom Gift Tag Template Download

  • personalized custom gift tag template download

This is an elegant and contemporary downloadable Gift tag ideal for birthdays and special occasions. It is customizable to add a personalised message, date etc.

Printable Gift Tag Template Download

  • printable gift tag template download

These printable gift tags are ideal for children’s birthday parties and to tag gifts in other casual events. They come in different patterns and the message can be customizable.

Vintage Gift Tag Printable PSD Frormat Template Download

  • vintage gift tag printable psd frormat template download

Valentine’s Gift Tag Printable Template

  • valentines gift tag printable template

Festive Gift Tag Template Download

  • festive gift tag template download

12 Gift Tags And Label Shape Template Printable

  • 12 gift tags and label shape template printable

Christmas Gift Tag Printable Template

  • christmas gift tag printable template download1

Easter Gift Tags Collection Printable Template

  • easter gift tags collection printable template

Set of 24 Personalized Gift Tag Template Download

  • set of 24 personalized gift tag template download

Watercolor Gift Tag Printable Template

  • watercolor gift tag printable template

Wooden Round Teacher Gift Tag Printable Template

  • wooden round teacher gift tag printable template

Vintage Poatcard Gift Tag Printable Template

  • vintage poatcard gift tag printable template

Chalkboard Style Christmas Gift Tag Template

  • chalkboard style christmas gift tag template

Printable Christmas Gift Tag

  • printable christmas gift tag125

Tag Template With Rope

  • tag template with rope

Gift Tags Personalized Free Template

  • gift tags personalized free template

Gift Tag Template Free

  • gift tag template

Birthday Tags Free Template

  • birthday tags free template

Collection of 10 Vintage Valentine’s Day Gift Tag

  • collection of 10 vintage valentines day gift tag

This is how you use our Gift Tag Templates:

You can use our gift tags to beautify your gift by following these simple steps:

  • From the host of gift tag template printable that we’ve got, choose the one that you think will be perfect for your need.
  • Download it for free and print it.
  • Cut it out neatly into shape as per the instructions on the template and write your message and name on it.

You’d be surprised at how adding a simple gift tag can make your gift look so beautiful.

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