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11+ Book Template – DOC, Excel, PPT, PDF, PSD

Are you about to write a book? Well, whether it’s a fiction tale or some serious non­fiction discussion, you will benefit greatly from a book template here. You can download pre­structured book templates today that come with a complete framework – containing chapters, sections, glossaries, title pages acknowledgements etc. You would just have to download it and customize with your specific information. The book template is a speedy way to come up with your own book.

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Book Report Template

A book report shows the student’s understanding about a book. If you have to write a book report as part of your school assignment, you can take to a book report template that will offer a standard format of a book report­ with points like story summary, main events, story conclusion, your opinion about the book etc.

Fiction Book Report Template Word Doc Download

Book Review Template

Students are often asked to create a book review report on a book read by them as per the directions of the class teacher. Their review helps the teacher to understand the students’ understanding regarding the book. There are book review template samples today that arrive with a ready framework highlighting on important points like plot, character or student’s opinion.

Download Book Review Template for Kids PDF Format

Comic Book Template

A comic book usually shows the expressions and actions of the characters in panels. If you too are  looking to create a comic strip, a comic book template would be handy for you. Such templates  offer a mock up of readymade panels that can be customized easily according to the theme of your  book.

Download Blank Comic Book Template Printable

Book Cover Template

The book cover is an important part of a boom as it offers the readers a glimpse on the theme of the book along with necessary details like name of the book and author. If you have to create a book cover, go for a pre­structured book cover template that will tell you where to insert your image or title.

Book Cover PSD Format Design Free Download

Recipe Book Template

A recipe book template offers a readymade outline for a standard cookbook. It will offer you required space to include your recipe instructions. Some of them would even come up with headers like ingredients, cooking process as well as the swaps for the ingredients in case one does not want to use the original ones.

Premium Recipe Book Template PSD Format Download

Coupon Book Template

A coupon book template is really handy when you have to hand out several coupons. These templates arrive with a ready outline on a standard coupon with space for all the important points- like the name of the company, the discount amount, the goodies one can get under the coupon and the validity period.

Free Valentine’s Day Coupon Book Template Download

Grade Book Template

A grade book documents the grades of every student in a class. The class teacher is required to create a grade book for students at the end of the academic year and the grade book template samples would be handy here. These templates offer you a readymade table for grades and you can easily customize it with your class data.

School Elementary Gradebook Template Excel Format Download

Flip Book Template

Flip books come up with a set of images that will vary gradually with each consecutive page in such a manner that when these pages would be turned fast­ they would together seem to emulate a simulating motion. If you are looking to create a flip book, a flip book template would be helpful.

Cascading Flip Book Template PPT Format

Book Proposal Template

Book proposals are used to offer a glimpse of the theme of your novel which is meant for the publisher. The proposal is used to convince the publisher to publish your book by offering an interesting insight about your work. A book proposal template extends a ready framework so that you can pen the proposal easily.

Writing a Good Book Proposal Template PDF Printable

Book Outline Template

It’s better to create an outline of your book first before you sit down to write it actually. The outline will offer you a defined path to format the story and would make sure that you don’t lose out on the plot in the midway. There are different book outline template samples to help you here with readymade outlines.

Editable New Book Outline Template Free Word Doc

Blank Book Template

Are you on your way to create your own book? Well, if you are ready with your story and you simply need a medium to give it the shape of a book, a blank book template would be really handy­ as it offers a readymade platform to paste your work.

Plain Blank Book Template PSD Format Download

Book Layout Template

A book layout template comes with a readymade format of a standard book layout with  instructions on where to place the title or the author’s name or present the book description or  where to put images. It will make your work easier by relieving you creating the entire thing from  scratch.

Free Download Book Jacket Layout Template

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