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30+ Candy Bar Wrapper Templates – PDF, PSD, EPS

A few years back did it even come across as a possibility that candy wrappers could be downloaded and printed for general usage! The times have changed and so have the needs and requirements of the professionals. The candy industry has taken a step forward by including these print candy bar templates into the scheme of things.

The packaging is one of the key attractions which make a product a top-seller…or not. Candy bars are no different. Adults and kids love them, and they love them even more if they look and taste great. We have got here a slew of innovative, fully responsive candy bar wrapper templates which you can use for your candy bar product design. If you want to place a mickey mouse logo on your candy wrapper, we have free templates that can let you do that! We even have full-sized logos and designs for massive candy bars.

Striped Candy Bar Wrapper Template

striped candy bar wrapper template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Illustrator
  • PDF

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Holiday Candy Bar Wrapper Template

holiday candy bar wrapper template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • PSD
  • Illustrator
  • PDF

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Snowman Candy Bar Wrapper Template

snowman candy bar wrapper template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • PSD
  • Illustrator
  • PDF

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Baby Shower Candy Bar Wrapper Template

baby shower candy bar wrapper template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • PSD
  • Illustrator
  • PDF

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First Communion Candy Bar Wrapper Template

first communion candy bar wrapper template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • PSD
  • Illustrator
  • PDF

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Chocolate Wrapper Packaging Template

chocolate wrapper packaging template
File Format
  • Photoshop

Size: 5.6 x 5.8 Inches

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Free Mini Candy Bar Wrapper Template

mini candy bar wrapper template

This mini candy wrapper template comes with italics embossed pattern on both sides. The name of the product or the company comes in the middle highlighted in a rectangular bar with rounded corners. You may also see Wrapper in Word Templates.

Free Hershey Baby Shower Candy Bar Wrapper Template

hershey candy bar wrapper template

This Hershey candy bar wrapper template has a blue chequered pattern on the flaps and a big circular design in the middle with blue color rays spreading out from it. You may also see Wrapper in PSD templates

Free Unique Chocolate Bar Wrapper Mockup

chocolate bar wrapper mockup

The soothing dark green color of this chocolate bar wrapper mock-up standard template has an appealing effect on the onlookers. The glossy look tempts people to pick it up straight away. You may also see Label Design templates.

You are getting 4 sets of unique candy wrapper template options here in slant stripes, polka dots, and bubbles. The cute animals care at the fore and the amusing tagline is super fun.

Free Candy Wrapper Mockup Photoshop

candy wrapper mockup photoshop

This candy wrapper mock-up Photoshop template provides distinctive chocolate color flaps and a glossy yellow color strap in the middle which highlights the name of the product.

Free Candy Bar Wrapper Template for MAC?

candy bar wrapper template for mac Download Now

The most adorable bit of the wrapper surely lies in the list of emotional ingredients backing up the lovely homemade special chocolate gift for a dear one on her birthday. You can also see more on Candy Templates.

Free Ladybug Birthday Party Wrappers Template

ladybug birthday party wrappers template download Download Now

The cute ladybug birthday party chocolate wrapper will let you enter details on two sides. At the front, you will write about the party details, and at the back, you will have your thank you message.

Free Candy Bar Wrapper Template Large Blue Drawing

download candy bar wrapper template large blue pdf format Download Now

You are getting a refined candy bar wrapper here which would be awesome for wedding celebration candy treats- with the name of the couple and the wedding date dazzling at the center.

Free Candy Wrapper Design

free candy wrapper design template free download Download Now

You are getting as many as 8 mini candy bar wrappers here which can be used for birthdays or special days like Mother’s Day Templates. From floral to cute animals to vibrant splashes- you have versatile themes here.

If you are looking for classy DIY candy bar wrappers, nothing can beat this one with a refined beige backdrop and the royal red frame. It would be good for wedding chocolate treats. You can also see more on Chocolate Day Templates.

Free Dots Wedding Candy Bar Wrapper Template

dotscandy Download Now

You are getting a two-sided wedding candy bar wrapper formal template here. The front side hogs the entire limelight to the name of the couple bordered by lovely dots at the top & bottom which the back part is a thank you message for guests. You can also see more on Wedding Photography Templates.

Free Full-Size Wrappers Delight Template

wrappers delight Download Now

Candy Wrapper Templates Are Handy for Adorable Personalized Sweet Treats

Do you have a party coming up soon at your home? It could be your little one’s birthday or your sister’s baby shower templates. Well, whatever it is, candies and chocolates are always great for party favors and you can make them more inviting through personalized printable candy bar wrappers, created through wrapper design templates.

Free Flat and Transparent DIY Candy Bar Wrapper Template

flat diy candy bar wrapper template pdf printable Download Now

Free Paradise Retirement Candy Wrapper Template

paradise retirement candy wrapper Download Now

Free Firebird Style Candy Wrapper Design

firebird style candy wrapper design

Free Printable Announcement Sample Candy Bar Wrapper

announcement sample candy bar wrapper Download Now

Uses of Candy Bar Wrappers

These candy bar wrapper templates are especially good news for individuals that specialize in making homemade chocolates and candies for indoor and outdoor parties and events. By choosing one of our very creative and customizable wrapper templates, you’d easily be able to personalize wrappers – eg: write a birthday message.

You have these quality templates in varied designs to pick from, ranging from glossy to matt to stripes to dots to bubbles. You will even find layout templates for branded chocolate or candy bar wrappers such as dairy milk chocolate wrappers.

Free Colorful Galaxy Mini School Candy Bar Wrappers

colorful galaxy mini candy bar wrappers Download Now

Free Happy Birthday Cheers Candy Bars Wrapper Template

cheers to you 40 personalized candy bars wrapper Download Now

Free Gold Diamond Personalized Candy Bars Wrapper

gold diamond personalized candy bars wrapper Download Now

Free Halloween Candy Wrapper Template

halloween candy wrappers printable pdf digital format

Free Classic Rudolph Personalized Candy Bars Wrapper

classic rudolph personalized candy bars wrapper

Free Bubble Guppies Time to Play Candy Bars Wrapper

bubble guppies time to play candy bars wrapper template

Free Candy Bar Cover with Paper Made Template

halloween candy bar cover design

Free Mini Sized Art Deco Thank You Candy Wrapper Template

mini sized art deco personalized candy wrappers download

If you are looking for an out-of-the-box candy bar wrapper template free, these candy bar wrappers shaped up as curious owls would do the bit for you. You have them in two shades.

Free Graduation Custom Candy Bar Wrapper Template

graduation custom candy bar wrapper templateDownload Now

Free Mickey Mouse Candy Bar Wrapper Template

micky mouse candy bar wrapper templateDownload Now

When you pick a candy bar wrapper template, make sure you pick a design that is full of color and has vibrancy. Bland-looking candies and bars seldom win any attention – be adults or kids. As you can customize these custom templates, be sure to be imaginative with the choice of design and color of the candy wrapper. You can also see Free Wrapper in Illustrator templates.

Tips on Using Candy Bar Wrappers & Templates

How to Create Your Candy Wrapper from Templates?

Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers for Hershey’s Bars

Hershey’s bars are no doubt a favorite of chocolate connoisseurs all over. Are you looking to have the same as your party favors but sealed with your personalized tone? Well, you have a harsh bar wrapper template today that comes with the creative signature chocolate brown & white/silver combination of a Hershey’s wrapper. You can write your message in the same block font as Hersey’s on the wrapper template or else some of the creative templates feature a separate frame for your message on Hersey’s backdrop.

We are Here to Help

If you are looking for the best of candy bar wrapper templates, assures a warm welcome with its fabulous set of wrapper templates-from wrappers with photos, to cute ladybug wrappers to branded wrappers to superhero wrappers to Disney wrappers- we have them all.

General FAQs

1. What is a Candy Bar Wrapper?

A candy bar wrapper is an outside covering of candy or a bar of chocolate. It contains the name of the candy and protects the candy from the outside environment so that it doesn’t get spoiled.

2. What Should be Included in a Candy Bar Wrapper?

The followings details should be included in a candy bar wrapper:

3. What is the Purpose of a Candy Bar Wrapper?

The main purpose of a candy bar wrapper is to protect the candy and to provide information about its ingredients and manufacturer. It allows the customer to reach out to the manufacturer in case they have any queries or complaints regarding the candy. You can also see more templates like Bar Event Templates.

4. For What Events Can You Use Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers?

You can use personalized candy bar wrappers for the following events:

5. What Happens When You Personalize Your Candy Bar Wrappers?

When you personalize your candy bar wrappers for different occasions, they tend to make a lasting impression on your guests or customers. They also make the event or occasion all the more memorable and exciting. You can also see more on Bar Card Templates.

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