9+ Event Ticket Templates

Planning for an event is a challenging task. Nonetheless, its success is undeniably very rewarding. In any kind of event, everyone is expected to have fun, and its purpose needs to be clearly defined. As the organizer, it becomes your primary goal to achieve those.

When you opt to organize an event, you need to start and end it with a bang. You should not let any dull and irrelevant moment make its way into your program. To start off great, you can create cool tickets from our ticket templates reserve. These tickets serve as invitations for your exclusive events and will reflect what your event is all about and how exciting it’s going to be.

Charity Event Ticket Template

Charity Event Ticket Template


Event Concert Ticket Template

Event concert Ticket Template


Printable Event Ticket Template

Printable Event Ticket Template


Free Event Ticket Template

Free Event Ticket Template


Sample Event Ticket Template

Sample Event Ticket Template


Organizing an Event

The planning and development stage is just as important as the event itself. With poor planning and half-baked efforts, an event would less likely to succeed. Hence, to guarantee the perfect, smooth-flowing event, here are a few tips how to plan for it:

  • Identify the goal and purpose of the event.
  • List committees and have a team assigned to each.
  • Set the final date and venue. Make reservations as early as possible.
  • Decide and prepare the budget.
  • Give your event a name that will stand out.
  • Create the program and finalize it.
  • Have dance numbers and raffles to excite guests. (For designing raffle tickets, check out our huge collection of raffle ticket templates.)
  • Market your event effectively.
  • Finalize every detail and task days prior to the event.

These steps may seem easy, but you can’t do it alone. Make sure to have an event checklist to manage teams, tasks, and deadlines easier. Most importantly, managing an event would need you to organize yourself as well. You can’t lead a team or two if your head is filled with messy thoughts and your desk unkempt. To achieve optimal results, have both the team and yourself in a tip-top, well-organized state.

Blank Event Ticket Template

Blank Event Ticket Template


Vintage Event Ticket Template

Vintage Event Ticket Template


Event Raffle Ticket Template

Event raffle Ticket Template


Event Ticket Receipt Template

Event Ticket receipt Template


Christmas Event Ticket

Christmas Event Ticket


Vibrant Ticket Templates as a Jump-Start

When people hear about upcoming events, they would be more than interested to grab tickets. Some may find this amusing, but this only means you can’t afford to disappoint them. Therefore, event tickets should be eye-catching yet informative.

In this article, you can browse various ticket designs for your event tickets. These templates are designed for certain occasions, while others are blank ticket templates. They are already in EPS, AI, and PSD file formats, which makes editing quite easy. As an organizer, all you need to do is to put the right information on these templates.

Geared toward Success

Errors and mishaps are inevitable in an event. As an organizer, you ought to plan ahead for your resolutions or, better yet, prevent any of these from happening. To do so, try considering these tips:

  • Have a lot of volunteers. When the number of people goes beyond what is assumed, you will have extra hands to help you out.
  • Prepare extra food and drinks. Guests might be eating more than you expect.
  • Include vehicle parking in your plans. Parking space should be enough to cater delivery trucks and the guests’ cars.
  • Make an equipment check. Check electrical devices, music, and lights ahead of time to prevent technical problems in the middle of the program.


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