Simple Kindergarten School Ebook Cover Page Download

When you are looking for innovative and gorgeous designs of ebook cover art for your kindergarten school, these adorable ebook cover page would definitely come in handy. They are made keeping in mind the unique needs of a kindergarten school and makes it easier for a school to function with these readymade templates. They are really adorable with appropriate sizing and soothing colours which make them perfect for use in school brochures and ebook cover.

kindergarten school ebook cover page download

simple kindergarten school ebook cover page download

This ebook cover art is so adorable that you can’t help but appreciate the design. Not just the design , it has a unique set of features that make the template even more preferable for use in kindergarten school book cover page. The easily editable text and print ready designs make it a suitable choice among playschools.

Give your kinder garden school eBook an attractive and adorable front face using the endearing eBook cover pages. The mixture of yellow and white shade in the background of the cover page brings the text and image imprinted on it in the spotlight.

The innocence of the kid displayed on the cover page will melt any parent’s heart and make them take admission for their kids in your kinder garden school. The layered file of the e Book cover design page makes it easier for you to work on it and the text editable section lets you inscribe text of your choice to inspire the kid’s parents.