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7+ Market Map Templates

You’ve often heard it in every business how-to training guide and field manual out there: understand your market. Market analysis is a key part of any industry because this is where the profits are made and the goals are set. But it’s not enough to just know you have to monitor the market by the stock prices or the emergence and decline of your competitors. When you survey your arena, where are your customers? What are their needs? Where are your competitors? Are there any overlooked or underdeveloped areas that no one is paying attention to? What can you take advantage of? How is your company’s positioning? All this and other insights can only occur to you from making a market map.

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This should be a part of your essential strategy. These Strategy Map Templates will give you an idea of how to go about it, especially if the concept is new to you.

Recruitment Market Map Template


Market Planning Map Template

Marketing Strategy Map Template

Using Market Maps for Effective Marketing Strategies

A map is used for navigation and strategic positioning. For any kind of map to be effective, it has to be complete, accurate, up-to-date, and it has to be as dynamic as the terrain it represents.

Site Map Templates won’t change all that quickly because these deal with real estate properties that don’t move—or at least, they develop and shift very slowly.

The time factor in the live marketplace is another game altogether. With every rise and fall in stock prices, every emergence of new players and exit of old ones, every upgrade and upper hand, every customer trend, and unexpected product innovation, the face of the market changes.

How do you go about mapping it, then?

These sample market maps should show you the different ways you can do it. It should be immediately clear how they will then fit into your overall marketing strategy.

  • Market Positioning Map Template is a perceptual map of your product. It will help you factor in all the qualities of your previous products that sold, and where your new product will fit in the scheme.
  • Recruitment Market Map Template is a flow chart of the recruitment process. Complicated procedures are best planned using maps. Using this chart, you can identify weak spots, inefficient procedures, outdated techniques, and other things you can cut out, upgrade, improve, or streamline.
  • Market Planning Map Template will help you take all aspects of the market into consideration, studying each one in turn to determine the state of the market. See also Marketing Strategy Map Template, which uses such information to present a plan of attack in a report.
  • Internet Marketing Map Template is a mind map portraying the highly interlinked elements, platforms, and tools that will get you business in the realm of the infinite and super-competitive digital market.
  • Global Marketing Map Template is especially important to scope out the fast-growing global market and the multinational corporations that dominate the field.
  • Market Trend Road Map Template and Market Mind Map Template are great tools even for marketing students trying to understand the psychology behind market fads and the minds of the customers.

Use these free resources as they are or to inspire your own market map.

Internet Marketing Map Template

Global Marketing Map Template

Market Trend Road Map Template


Market Mind Map Template

Related Strategy Map Template

These market maps are to help you gain an understanding of the terrain, whether in the physical or digital marketplace or the mental and emotional makeup of your target audience. Any strategic mind can instantly see the value of having such maps.

But when it comes to protocol, you may want to use Process Map Templates to strategize your own internal business workings. Your overall strategy won’t be complete without this, so check them out from our archives.

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