Newspaper Headline Template – 12+ Free Word, PPT, PSD, EPS, Documents Download!

Do you need to format a presentation in the form of a newspaper? It could be for your school or college extra curriculum project. Well, whatever it is, you must be proper about the headline format of your spoof news. In case you are not exactly precise about the very format type of your news headline, the free newspaper template options scattered online would be really handy.

newspaper headline template

Calligraphic style of writing on the template with crisp headline forms the bedrock of the stylish version. Calamity caused due to Titanic sinking is the basic premise of the template which you can find on the cover.

Newspaper Headline EPS Design Template – $5

newspaper headline eps design template
News based on finance acting as the budget of the ensuing year is the way to create a wonderful template. A line drawn just below the title of the newspaper makes it appear soothing in every way.

Download Reading Newspaper Headline Template

download reading newspaper headline template

With reading newspaper template you can make your picture carrying the latest headline with you be it either the bench side or lying on the bed and having a good time reading newspaper. Black and white picture is the backdrop.

Newspaper Headline Template on Wood

newspaper headline template on wood

Various columns on the newspaper for several articles from a side column filled with small article to the big headline and the entire article on a single mode makes the newspaper come to life. Small pictures can also be put on one side.

1974 Volkswagen Advertisement Newspaper Headline

volkswagen advertisement newspaper headline

Volkswagen article with description in the form of headline makes the newspaper come to life. When the prices go high or the supply and demand rises everything is mentioned in the newspaper headline along with the template idea.

Dockyard Desaster Headine in Newspaper

dockyard desaster headine in newspaper

Using this headline template in your newspaper, especially the front page, could add some spice to your paper. The Dockyard Disaster was a deadly one, and would cause quite a sensation.

Free Newspaper Headlines Template in PPT Format

free newspaper headlines template in ppt format

You could easily download in PPT format any of the above headlines which are related to major current issues. Words like “shock” or “meltdown” can cause quite a buzz, if that’s what you want.

When it comes to newspaper headlines, they need to be short, crisp and to the point. This headline template exemplifies that. It is straightforward, and thus has the maximum effect.

White Matte Background Headline Newspaper

white matte background headline newspaper

A classic and traditional black and white background would do just fine for any headline. If you run a daily, then you could go for this template, where the headline is written in a traditional font in a white matte background.

News Paper Headline Word Template Free Download

news paper word template free download | A template containing a sensational headline. That’s what you require to attract readers. Look at this headline, about the Titanic sinking, for example. This could be just what you’re looking for.

Editable Newspaper Headline PPT Template Free Download

editable newspaper ppt template free download | Financial news is an important part of the newspaper. And you can download this template for your page on finances. It cuts straight to the point, without beating around the bush and headline is enclosed within a border.

Newspaper Headline Word Template Free Download

free newspaper word template free download | This is a step back from the typical, conventional manner in which headlines are printed. You can add a unique touch to your headline with this; all you have to do is download it and edit it.

Free Download

Acmenter TrueType Font

acmenter format newspaper headline template download

Robinson Newspaper Headline Template

robinson newspaper headline sample template download

Newspaper Headline PSD Template Download

sample newspaper headline psd template download

Vector EPS Format Newspaper Headline Template

vector eps format newspaper headline template

Newspaper in Hands Template

news ppaer

These templates are easily editable. You would just need to download them and modify with your own headline. Since the online world offers free download old newspaper template, you won’t have to bother about extra expense.