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There are a lot of marketing and advertising tools that a company or organization use to promote their products, services, and/or events. Time has already tested which of these tools truly can give a big impact in terms of visibility and sales returns. You may also see banner designs

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A great tool that has survived the test of time in the field of marketing is the promotional banner. These banners may come in different sizes which are very efficient in terms of their location placement. You may view a few more samples of this marketing tool by simply browsing through our downloadable Advertising Banners samples.

Product Roll-Up Banner Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • Photoshop

Size: 30×70 Inches, + Bleed


Product Launch Roll-Up Banner Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • Photoshop

Size: 30×70 Inches, + Bleed


Mobile App Promotion Roll-Up Banner Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • Photoshop

Size: 30×70 Inches, + Bleed


Promotional Web Banners

promotional web bannerDownload

Promotional Roller Banner

promotional roller bannerDownload

Promotional Flag Banner

promotional flag bannerDownload

Marketing Promotional Banners

marketing promotion bannerDownload

Things to Consider When Creating a Promotional Banner

When creating a promotional banner, a company or an organization must be able to consider the following:

  • The size of the promotional banner is an important aspect in creating this marketing tool. There are banner designs that look good when they are relatively small in size, and there are also designs that are elaborately detailed which will look good when they are done in a bigger medium.
  • The location where the banners will be placed shall also be considered. Know the banner holder and frame’s sizes so that you can print the banner appropriately depending on the sizes required by the location.
  • The type of banner to use is also essential for the overall look of the material. You may select to do a pop-up promotional banner, a hanging banner, a stand-up banner, and any other ways you want your banner to look and be presented.
  • The design of your banner truly matters. Make all the design items cohesive and appropriate with the purpose on why a specific banner has been made.
  • The text style and size must be readable. You should also consider how big or how small specific texts should be depending on the information that a phrase or paragraph holds. Relative and important information must be bigger in text compared to the supporting details it is adhered with.

Aside from our promotional banner samples, you may also download our Free Ad Banner Templates.

School Promotional Banner

school promotional bannerDownload

Grand Opening Promotional Banners

grand opening promotional bannerDownload

Items Included in a Promotional Banner

The following items and information may be included in a promotional banner:

  • The name of the entity who made the banner for promotional purposes
  • The name of the event, product and services subject for promotion
  • The main purpose of the banner
  • The specific dates in which will cover the duration of the promotion
  • The location of the business or store who made the banner
  • The contact information of people who are responsible for the promotion being released

The Effectiveness of a Promotional Banner

A promotional banner may only be effective if the company that is to use it have considered the following:

  • The visibility of all the information of the banner
  • The proper design appropriate for the target market
  • The overall look of the promotional tool
  • The locations where the banners have been placed is usually where the target market goes

It is very important to take note of the items from the design conceptualization of the banner up to its posting in different places. It can tremendously give a positive impact to the purpose on why it has been made if there has been careful planning and proper implementation of its creation.

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