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13+ Envelope Liner Templates – PSD, AI, Vector EPS

Envelope liners are a smart way to turn an otherwise plain envelope into chic one in a moment. The liners are stuck on the inner part of the envelope flap and usually come with a rich glossy texture. You can take to wedding card Envelope Template for envelopes with liners. The liner-fitted envelopes are especially meant for plush and happy occasions.

Vector EPS Envelope Liner Template

vector eps envelope liner template
The Vector EPS Envelope Liner Template is a smart way to turn the plain and simple white envelope formats into an attractive printable version which can be used for sending cards and letters

PSD Envelope Liner Template Download

psd envelope liner template download
The PSD Envelope Liner Template Download is the perfect example for creating the colorfully printed envelopes. It can be sent to friends and families for any special or social occasion

Designed Envelope Liner Template

designed envelope liner template
To make the Designed Envelope Liner Template, all you need is the sample of the colourful template where you can double or quarter folds the letters and cards to send your loved ones

A6 Envelope Liner Template Download

a6 envelope liner template download
Chose your own designs like the floral prints, dotted lines, or other motifs to make the A6 Envelope Liner Template Download look attractive and keep up the vibe of the occasion.

Red Stripped Liner Envelope Template

red stripped liner envelope template
Be it for your beau or for any other special occasion, the Red Stripped Liner Envelope Template can be made to look all the more gorgeous with added accessories like ribbons or sparkles

5×7 Handy Envelope Liner Template

x7 handy envelope liner template
Leave enough space to mention the name, address, and the other necessary information on the 5×7 Handy Envelope Liner Template. Add customized images and designs to make it more personalized for the receivers.

This is lovely liner envelope template which makes the cards very special. It provides patterned liner envelopes which come in various colors and designs. It is useful for business cards, invitation cards and greeting cards. It allows changing colors also.

A2 Linear Envelope Template Download

a2 linear envelope template download
This liner envelop template comes with selected vintage encyclopedia page and uses recycled material. It comes with a pack of six envelopes each with different size and provides custom color options. It provides European style flap envelopes which are handmade.

Wedding Liner Envelope Template

wedding liner envelope template
This 5×7 envelope liner template is a classic liner envelope useful for wedding invitations and greeting cards. It allows adding bleed to provide high quality print. It uses recycled content and comes with plenty of colors. It comes with elegant patterns.

Birth Announcement Liner Envelope

birth announcement liner envelope
This birth announcement liner envelope template comes in various sizes and vibrantly designed colors. It provides watercolor envelope liners and allows customization. It is perfect for announcing arrival of new baby. It comes with graphic designs and vector illustration also.

A7 Liner Envelope Template Download

a7 liner envelope template download
This European style liner envelope comes with black and white stripes. It provides five PDF liner envelope files of different sizes. It comes with printer ready format and simple to prepare liner envelop. It is useful for wedding or party invitations.

Wonderful Liner Envelope Template

wonderful liner envelope template
This liner envelope template provides ancient designs and patterns. The liner envelope is useful for party invitations and jewelry favor necklaces. It comes with printer ready format and provides great creativity. The color of the liners matches with the invitation perfectly.

Amazing Envelope Liner Template Download

amazing envelope liner template download
This envelope liner template enables making mini liner envelopes. It provides striped pattern of liners with green and blue colors. It provides details of how to make lined envelopes and how to insert envelope liners. It comes with printer friendly format. This creative template is useful for any occasion like birthday party.

Example Envelope Liner Template Download

example envelope liner template download
This greeting card envelope liner template comes with peach wood color and of size 7 x 5 inch. It allows adding bleed to improve print quality. It uses recycled content and comes with printer friendly format. It is useful for invitation and greeting cards.

The glam glossy texture is a fitting fixture for envelopes carrying happy messages as the rich finesses beautifully upholds the bright spirit of the message. Envelop liner sample can be found in various colors of Envelope Templates.

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